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Coastal Vacations To Play Vegas

Coastal Vacations is holding their first official event in Las Vegas Nevada. Coastal Vacations is experiencing explosive growth, especially in the western United States.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - SAN PEDRO, CA, June 13, 2007 - Top rated home based travel business Coastal Vacations will hold their first official conference in Las Vegas this month. The Las Vegas event is just the second official event held by Coastal Vacations outside the state of Florida for the 13-year-old travel membership business.

Coastal Vacations offers travel memberships worldwide. Coastal Vacations members enjoy access to complimentary vacations, deeply discounted hotel rates, and up to 75% off week long luxury condo stays. Several priveleges are available to members in Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada.

Coastal Vacations holds 2 official worldwide membership conferences in Orlando Florida each year. Last year Coastal Vacations held their first official regional conference in Los Angeles California and now they have chosen Las Vegas for their second official regional event.

Level 3 Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino was happy to talk about the reasons for the west coast invasion that includes Las Vegas. The Los Angeles based Marino coordinates training for the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group in the Coastal Vacations program.

"Rapid growth in Las Vegas and the huge population base in the Los Angeles area make up a fast expanding target market for Coastal Vacations. Starting a home based business is a priority for many residents of western states who want to trade their commute in bumper to bumber trafic for a room to room commute.

"Westerners are attracted by the time, freedom, and lucrative income a well managed Coastal Vacations business can offer."

Travel and tourism is the largest industry in the world and growing in double digets. Opinion polls indicate that most people would travel even more if it were more affordable and Coastal Vacations can do that for them.

Las Vegas residents know that the prices of Las Vegas hotel rooms have soared over the last several years. Many Las Vegas hotels now charge over $200 per night for standard rooms.

Coastal Vacations members enjoy complimentary Las Vegas hotel stays where they just pay taxes and some nominal processing fees. Coastal Vacations members get discounts of up to 50% at many Las Vegas hotels, and if they want to streach out, they can book luxury condo stays on the internet for as low as $335 for an entire week.

A big reason for Coastal Vacations' west coast expansion is their largest and most successful group. The Coastal Sales Center is headquartered in Tempe Arizona, a Phoenix suburb.

The top Coastal Vacations group is the only entity in the Coastal Vacations program that maintains an office and full time employees to support their rapidly growing member base.

Coastal Vacations is simply an association of members. Coastal Vacations does not maintain an official headquarters. They don't have an office or employees the way the top Coastal Vacations group does.

Adding to the western feel of the Coastal Sales Center is Director Dean Marino. The Los Angeles California based Marino hosts conference calls for the top Coastal Vacations group. He also coordinates the group's training program that members rave about.

Las Vegas residents have flocked to the business model offered by the top Coastal Vacations group. Las Vegas residents live in a city that never sleeps. Many Las Vegas residents have tried to grow conventional home based businesses, but simply found that they did not have the time to get them off the ground.

The ultra-successful Coastal Sales Center provides the maximum support Las Vegas residents crave. Members of the top Coastal Vacations group don't have to do it all themselves like they do with traditional Coastal Vacations business models.

The maximum support provided by the top Coastal Vacations group quickly made the Coastal Sales Center the most successful Coastal Vacations group and they are attracting new members in Las Vegas and around the world in huge numbers.

Having an official Coastal Vacations event in Las Vegas will continue the expansion of Coastal Vacations and the top Coastal Vacations group in Nevada, California, Arizona and other western states. Coastal Vacations members live in over 100 countries around the world.

Marino makes his valuable report detailing the steps to success with the Coastal Vacations business and a free vacation voucher available to visitors to his website free of charge. Visit HTTP://WWW.COASTALPASSIVEINCOME.COM and ask for his life changing report and free travel voucher

About Dean Marino Travel
Dean Marino Travel is an authorized reseller for the time tested Coastal Vacations travel products and the professional business services of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center. President Dean Marino is instramental in the disemination of information about the ultra-succussful business model. He hosts informational conference calls and member training calls for the Coastal Vacations Sales Center each week.

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