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Dr. Rayek- A Skilled Dentist for Invasive Procedures in Reston, VA

Patients who visit Dr. Rayek's practice in Reston, VA can look forward to receiving top-notch dental treatment for invasive procedures, including sedation dentistry.

    RESTON, VA, August 11, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dental implants are often the perfect treatment option for a patient who is missing a tooth or several teeth, making it possible for a patient to have a full set of teeth without having to wear dentures or other appliances. Many patients do not want to have to worry about the inconveniences of dentures and denture adhesive. They want a smile that is natural-looking and completely functional. Dental implants completely replace the missing tooth, making it easier for patients to chew and speak.

Sedation Dentistry to Ease Your Fears
Because dental implants require oral surgery, many patients become nervous about undergoing the procedure. They may even put off getting dental implants because they are so afraid of the pain and discomfort they may feel. For these patients, sedation dentistry can mean the difference between living a lower quality of life and getting dental implants, which can significantly improve a patient's life. With sedation dentistry, patients can feel completely relaxed throughout their procedures.

Root Canal Procedure
Patients can also benefit from sedation dentistry when they need a root canal. Root canals have a bad reputation for being painful. The saying "I'd rather have a root canal" stems from the public opinion that root canals are something to be feared. Having your dentist tell you that you need a root canal is a nightmare for many people.

A root canal is often necessary when a tooth has significant decay or infection in order to save the tooth. During the procedure, Dr. Rayek removes the nerve and the pulp from inside the tooth, and then cleans the area and seals it back up. Teeth that have undergone a root canal lose sensation, but the tooth is still functional for chewing and other purposes. Dr. Rayek would rather save a patient's tooth than extract it, so if a patient's tooth is severely decayed, he often opts for a root canal. Because a root canal is an invasive procedure, it can be unpleasant for the patient. Sedation dentistry is an excellent option for people who need a root canal.

Types of Sedation Dentistry for Invasive Procedures
Patients who visit Dr. Rayek's practice in Reston, VA have two options for sedation dentistry. They can choose conscious sedation, which keeps them awake yet deeply relaxed, or they can choose to be completely asleep during their procedure using general anesthesia under the supervision of a board certified anesthesiologist. Both methods are very safe, as Dr. Rayek has undergone advanced training in sedation dentistry. He is a member of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation and his patients' health and comfort are his top priority.

Skilled, Experienced Dentist for Your Invasive Procedures
If you are facing an invasive procedure such as dental implants or a root canal and are feeling anxiety about your appointment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rayek. He will thoroughly explain your options for sedation dentistry and help you make the best decision for you. Don't let your fear get in the way of you getting dental care that can significantly improve your life; sedation dentistry can alleviate your fears and help you attain a higher quality of life.

Smiles at Reston Town Center offers a wide range of cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry treatment options, including sedation dentistry.


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