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New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Accident Victim Who Got Hit By Falling Merchandise While Shopping At Home Improvement Store

New Jersey personal injury attorney Scott Grossman helps accident victim get fair compensation after he was struck by metal studs falling off a rack.

    FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, NJ, September 13, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- New Jersey personal injury lawyer Scott Grossman helps accident victim get fair compensation after he was struck by metal studs falling off a rack.

According to the accident victim, he was shopping for bundles of metal studs for his employer, at a retail home improvement chain store in Middlesex County, New Jersey. While reaching for a bundle of metal studs, the bundle above and behind it began to fall towards him. The accident victim then grabbed the falling bundle to prevent it from striking his face, when the other side of the falling bundle hit the floor and the end closest to his face then struck him across his nose resulting in a laceration, deviated septum and hypertrophy of his turbinates.

The accident victim was seen in the emergency room at a local hospital where his nose was sutured and recommended follow up with a physician for dx of deviated septum. Pre-operative dx: Deviated nasal septum, airway obstruction, external nasal scar. Accident victim ultimately underwent the following Operations and procedures: Septoplasty and revision external nasal scar under general anesthesia. Dermabrasion and electrocauterization of the inferior turbinate. He was treated by an ENT physician and a plastic surgeon.

The accident victim says that store management did not seem to be concerned at all upon knowing he was hurt, so he finally decided call experienced NJ accident attorney Scott Grossman.

Scott Grossman worked on the falling merchandise accident victim's case against a team of lawyers. The victim recalled that the other party's lawyers tried repeatedly to settle his case for low figures However, Scott Grossman as a strong, seasoned personal injury lawyer, never even considered recommending the case be settled for the offered amounts and made sure that the other party's lawyers got his point.

According to the victim, "I was not afraid that they had a whole team. I wasn't concerned because I'm very, very confident in Scott. He's a great lawyer. As far as Scott's commitment, I remember we had a meeting with the other law firm; that we had to take care of a couple days later and Scott was on vacation. He actually drove all the way from his vacation, a real far out drive, just to meet with me so we could have this meeting, just to handle the situation."

The defendant's lawyers finally settled the case right before the trial for a fair and just amount to compensate the victim for his scarring, medical bills, pain and suffering. The amount of the settlement cannot be disclosed as it is subject to a signed confidentiality agreement. Most importantly, the just damages paid by the retail chain should remind the bean counters to think twice before they again decide to cut corners by sacrificing the safety of their customers in exchange for profits.

It is quite difficult and confusing for customers injured by falling merchandise in large retail stores to protect their rights. These injuries are often times seen merely as another cost of doing business and until the victim retains a skilled personal injury attorney, the companies know they can just pretend that the incident and negligence never occurred. In fact thousands of consumers are injured by falling merchandise every day throughout the United States.

Scott Grossman is a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer that has dedicated his entire career to protecting and preserving the rights of severely injured individuals. He spent over fifteen years handling all types of injury cases including car accidents, truck accidents, workplace injuries, wrongful death, premises liability, pharmacy errors, dog bites and more. He has helped thousands of injured victims receive just and fair monetary compensation. Grossman provides each client with individualized attention and his passion for what he does is infectious. He puts his clients at ease knowing that he is on their side and truly cares about what they are going through. Injured individuals can call the Grossman Law Firm, LLC at (732) 625-9494 for a free consultation or visit their website at

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