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    /24-7PressRelease/ - HOLLYWOOD, FL, July 04, 2007 - The Versatile Group of Hollywood, a Florida based Multi Media Production and Marketing Company recently announced their return from France after attending The 2007 International Cannes Film Festival, where they promoted in association with Storm Entertainment, the available worldwide rights of two films entitled CHAT and GUADALUPE with the support of many to include France's Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka, who for two consecutive years has been coming to Cannes to support the film festival.

"Perfect 1864 Vodka, not only provides us with a perfect taste in Cannes, they provide us with a regal corporate image that cannot be compared to any other competitors brands", says Marisela D'Baldriche, CEO and Producer of The Versatile Group of Hollywood, who goes on to say smiling that... "the vodka sells itself with a "Taste by Mouth", form of advertising, when you like what you see, hear or smell, you normally share it with others, but when you taste something and its perfect, then you found the perfect way to promote a brand". Having said that, she thanks and salutes the Perfect team once more for their many contributions in support of their films and the entertainment industry at large.

In 2006, Perfect 1864 Vodka sponsored a prestigious Gala at Nikki Beachfront at the Carlton Hotel, during the Cannes Film Festival for more than 500 VIP industry professionals. Said Gala was hosted by Vector International Pictures in association with I-PHONE2, Storm Entertainment and The Versatile Group of Hollywood in celebration of the Quinto Cenntenario of Italy, alongside the 20th Anniversary of the making of "Platoon", the production of "CHAT" to promote internet safety and the release of the film "Played", starring Val Kilmer and Gabriel Burnes.

At this year's Festival du Cannes, word of the Perfect Vodka arrival in the French Riviera spread quick and the product became high in demand at various industry events, hotels, yachts and prestigious venues such as M1NT, which was staged at a luscious Riviera Manor in Cannes that hosted some of the festivals most prestigious soirees,

"Peureux Perfect 1864 is vodka with the perfect blend, says Mark Smith, Founder of the brand, who claims it's distinguishable from other vodkas because of the high standards used to ensure the quality and consistency of its ingredients and preparation. Each batch, for example, includes certificates attesting that the wheat base is sourced exclusively from a soft wheat variety found only in France's Brie Champagne region and that the water comes only from natural springs in the Vosges Mountains near France's border with Switzerland. This policy is similar to that of the appellation control system that France maintains to ensure the quality and consistency of the ingredients in its wines, champagnes and cognacs".

Perfect 1864 vodka was developed at Grandes Distilleries Peureux de Fougerolles, one of the oldest and most respected spirits producers in France, as a joint venture with Legacy Imports, Inc., of West Palm Beach, FL. Founded in 1864, Grandes Distilleries Peureux was best known previously as a leading producer of premium quality, fruit-based eaux-de-vie, which are marketed internationally under the La Cigogne brand.

Today, this Perfect Vodka is being distributed in many parts of the world, while continuing to set new paradigms in their grass roots marketing approach that challenges consumers to take the perfect taste test at their many sponsored events and festivals throughout the world.

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