All Press Releases for July 10, 2007

World Service Exchange Announces Plans to Trade Services on an Exchange Starting in 2008

World Service Exchange has announced plans to create an exchange for the purchase, sale, and trade of services such as office space leases, technology services, legal services, transportation services and more. This exchange will be launched in 2008.

    Houston, TX, July 10, 2007 - World Service Exchange is proud to announce that it will launch a new exchange in 2008 that will specialize in the purchase, sale and trade of services such as office space leases, technology services, legal services, transportation services and more.
So far there are over 80 contracts that will be available in the months after the exchange is launched next year, including, Class A Office Space (10,000 square feet, ticker: WSE.CREA), Class B Office Space (10,000 square feet, ticker: WSE.CREB), Microsoft-Certified Network Engineering (100 hours, ticker: WSE.NEIT), General Corporate Council (100 hours, ticker: WSE.GCCS), Property Management Services (50,000 square feet, ticker: WSE.PRMS), Warehouse Space (50,000 square feet, ticker: WSE.CREW), Rail Car Freight (100,000 rail miles, ticker: WSE.RAIL), RN Leasing Services (10,000 hours, ticker: WSE.RNLS), and dozens of others.
Rick Walker, CEO of World Service Exchange notes "WSE is the first financial marketplace where large corporate users trade service & lease contracts over an exchange. In addition, an options market assists companies in hedging costs against inflationary, regulatory, labor and market forces. WSE is a business-changing company, which will up the ante for sophisticated businesses who use, sell or need any of the 80 service categories we will trade. Our patent-pending process allows us to offer these services eventually on a global scale using one contract for each service."
To insure the highest quality of vendors on the World Service Exchange, the company carefully screens all potential vendors to insure that they adhere to the strictest moral, regulatory, quality and operations specifications. According to the exchange website, "WSE only considers stellar service providers with US-wide presences who have annual sales volumes or assets of at least $50 Million for the past 3 years."
"Suppose the CEO of a nation-wide guard service wants to build a new headquarters, but is worried about where his business will be in 5 years," says Walker explaining one possible uses of the service. "He begins a program with his broker to sell SGAR futures contracts for the next 5 years at a discount to their present value (backwardation) in order to guarantee future revenues. A hospital is happy to pick up the security services at a discount and even writes out-of-the-money calls on the SGARs before they are executed. It's a win-win proposition."

World Service Exchange is a company with extensive expertise in a variety of service industries as well as the financial services industry. We hold the only realistically commercializable patent regarding trading services as commodities. Its advisory team is made of some of the brightest CEO, Directors and Venture Capitalists from the services and finance industries that control Billions in assets globally.

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