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Featured in this release, the new inspirational and philosophical nonfiction book: \"A Reason for Living\" by Laurent Grenier.

    / January 31, 2005 - Every year a great many people suffer disabling injuries that turn their lives upside down. This disruption is often accompanied by overwhelming grief. Indeed, many victims of disabling injuries feel it is fundamentally their ability to achieve happiness they have lost.

"A Reason for Living" by Laurent Grenier was written especially for them, in an effort to help them adjust and view life in a most positive, meaningful way. "Today I concede without reservation that the absurdity of my reality was an illusion that my adaptation to this reality could dispel. The lack of meaning was a want of awareness. What I failed to see was the flexibility of my nature. More than an individual (in terms of my habits), I was a human being capable of shaping and reshaping my individuality in accordance with my changing situation," Grenier writes.

The book proceeds from a determination to provide a solid and wholesome answer to the ever so pressing question "Why live?" It is about helping people lead wiser and happier lives - stricken people in particular who not only crave such an improvement, but also strive to satisfy this craving.

Furthermore - and this adds to the unique and resolute positiveness of the book - "A Reason for Living" is both philosophical and autobiographical, and does more than deliver a message; it sets an example. On the one hand, it is a view of life, and on the other, a life story, the latter serving as a backdrop for the former in a very illustrative, relevant, and convincing way. The author thinks what he says and lives it. His words are all the more credible and inspiring as they are matched by his actions. Now 48, he was once a teenage athlete who became severely disabled due to a sports injury and slowly rebuilt his life from the ground up by means of considerable efforts, including much study and reflection.

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Laurent Grenier's career as a full-time writer and thinker spans over twenty years. He has released various articles in art and philosophical magazines. He has also written some philosophical essays, a collection of memories and thoughts, and a compendium of physiology and nutrition, still unpublished. "A Reason for Living" constitutes his best work to date.

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1. "'A Reason for Living' offers... a philosophy that is as uplifting as it is honest.... Highly recommended." Nancy Morris at Allbooks Reviews.

2. "Physical adversity and mental triumph.... This book succeeds less as a memoir and more as a guide." Alice Barnstead at

3. "Excellent book... for a better, wiser, happier life." Sandra Vassallo at

(November 2004) "A Reason for Living" is one of the highlighted titles by Independent Publisher online, who "recognize[s] the latest and greatest in independent publishing."

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"A Reason for Living" by Laurent Grenier
ISBN: 1589611659
SUBJECT: Inspirational and philosophical nonfiction
PUBLISHER: NardisPress/PageFree Publishing
PUBLICATION DATE: December 2004.
BINDING: paperback (also available as ebook)
PAGES: 212
LIST PRICE: 12.95 USD for the paperback
and 6.50 USD for the ebook
among other bookstores
PHONE ORDERS (toll-free): 1-866-GO-BOOKS

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If you have any question or wish to invite Laurent Grenier to an interview, please contact this author directly ([email protected] or 1-613-829-9084). Thank you.

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