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Mac McElwee, Chief Operating Officer of PDF SmartForms, announced the release of the latest PDF SmartForm. The CMS-1500 Healthcare Claim SmartForm is an interactive pdf file where data can be entered, printed and saved using the free Adobe Reader 8 software.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - CATONSVILLE, MD, July 27, 2007 - The CMS-1500 SmartForm is the electronic representation of the new CMS-1500 (08/05) preprinted claim form. The PDF SmartForm's data is displayed on the form in the OCR-friendly Courier 10 point font. The National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC's) CMS-1500 billing guideline rules for properly formatting and placing claim data are integrated within the CMS-1500 SmartForm's validation and data placement logic.

"From the time a Healthcare Claim is created until the time it is paid, it is viewed, moved, transformed and processed by many different entities. Healthcare Providers, Medical Billers, TPAs, Claim Repricers, Clearinghouses, EDI Analysts, Customer Service Personnel and Payers are examples of the entities that will handle this claim information during its journey in the workflow. When a claim is sent as paper, many times it is converted into an electronic format before it is useful. If the claim is transmitted in an electronic format such as EDI, it is not understandable by an individual without a software application that can interpret the information and display it in a human readable format."
Mac McElwee, Chief Operating Officer, PDF SmartForms Inc.

The CMS-1500 PDF SmartForm is unique in that for the first time, the Healthcare Claim file travels in multiple formats all within the same document. You can view it as the CMS-1500, you can view it as the 837P EDI, you can view it as XML, or print to paper if necessary.

Even though the CMS-1500 SmartForm contains multiple data formats, the CMS-1500 template layer, and the software application, the file size is still smaller when compared to a CMS-1500 claim that has been scanned as an image which has no intelligence.

The PDF file format is the United States Government's official electronic document archival format (PDF/A). The PDF/H file format is being considered as a future format for electronic medical records
by standards organizations such as the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

The AIIM organization website states the following regarding "PDF Healthcare".

• PDF has had a long-standing success and adoption.
• PDF provides a secure and universal container/wrapper for all data types.
• PDF provides data integrity and partitioning functionality that are desirable for multiple usage models.
• PDF is platform and system neutral.
• The Adobe reader is ubiquitous, freely available and accepted around the world.

Mac McElwee Bio
Mac McElwee has over 15 years of experience in the area of enterprise application development, enterprise level project management, strategic product development,and the alignment of technology products and services within business verticals. As Chief Operating Officer of PDF SmartForms, Mr. McElwee is responsible for coordinating human capital, financial management, and information technology under a single organizational focus, to ensure the proper delivery of products and services to its customers.

About PDF SmartForms
PDF SmartForms offers products and services for the healthcare industry. Their healthcare focus consists of developing solutions specifically designed to improve business processes and workflows through the integration of smarter technology. PDF SmartForms specializes in simplifying overly complex processes and providing more easily maintainable solutions for its customers. For more
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About PDF SmartForms Inc.
PDF SmartForms Inc., is a Maryland based woman owned business providing healthcare informatics products and services.

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