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Joint Congressional Bill proposed to Take Back America by Election 2008 Candidate Orion Karl Daley

Presidential Candidate Orion Karl Daley has proposed in a petition to go to Congress, a joint Congressional Bill for the Economy of Active Representation.Its purpose, to provide accurate representation of the people's will in Congress through online voting.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - July 31, 2007 - Presidential Candidate Orion Karl Daley has proposed in a petition to go to Congress, a joint Congressional Bill for the Economy of Active Representation. The proposed Bill is based on solutions from the New Deal ISBN: 1419670948. Its purpose, to provide accurate representation of the people's will in Congress through online voting.

In The New Deal, The Economy of Active Representation, in Congress, is realized by having on line web based voting made available for constituents. This is for matters that their senators and representatives will vote for on their behalf. Each member of Congress can easily provide poll voting at their web sites. This can more accurately demonstrate the constituents will that should be represented. In can also be implemented easily.

Orion Daley views that Congress people, like the president, cannot have their own unitary circle of power. Instead, they are to be accountable in serving the people transparently. And that's their only purpose. When they do, he views that this saves US tax payer money while getting a more cost effective government, and an assured nation for it.

Presidential Candidate Daley also dismisses that not everyone uses the web. He sees that we are better off having web based voting than not having it. And that eventually this could provide industry incentive for interactive TV, and Cell Phone text voting.

He says, "Not every one votes, but this will offer more incentive for the personal empowerment in Congress that the people deserve in their representation".

He further says, "Taking back America does not have to be just some campaign slogan, or something we hope for someday, but soon forgotten about by leadership right after presidential elections. It can be now starting with accurate congressional representation. The bottom line, it is up to us if we really want it !".

He views, that congress could only want to be transparent and accountable to the people, and be willing to assure this in real time. In spired by George Washington's words, he believes that this can provide a standard in representation, 'that the wise and honest can repair'.

In the Petition: the scope of the Bill includes:

1- That any Bill to be debated on the floor should represent the people's voice, over and above what any representative might believe is better for the people. In electing an official into office we are giving them the power to act on our behalf. This is not the same as acting for us as in the case where people are declared incapable of acting on their own behalf.

2- That it is up to the specific Senate/House Representative to make their case to the people, and that the Senate/House Representative is to bring the peoples will to the floor.

3- To provide this form of Republic to the people, that all Senate and House websites are to provide on line web based Constituent polling such that registered constituents may vote on line, and that such results are to reflect the will of the people for any proposed Bill, Amendment, or otherwise action intended by the specific representative in the House, or Senate.

4- That on line web form email although is a means to reach one's Senate or House representative is not an empirical method for representing the constituents voice, and does not reflect the timeliness of it.

5- That all actions that the Senate or House Representative is involved in is clearly documented for a Yeah/Nay vote by on line constituents.

6- That only the result of this Yeah/Nay from the constituents of the specific Senate/House Representative be taken to the floor as the position of the specific Senate/House Representative .

7- That Internet technology is readily available , if not 'free ware' that can accomplish the majority of any website upgrade necessary for putting simple polling requirements.

8- That time frames are viewed as critical for realizing this bill into law, and compliance, and we see that there should be no worthwhile reason why the Senate and the House would not want to reach out to assure competent, honest, ethical and open representation on behalf of the American people.

9- That in compliance with the Peoples will for this petition, that Congress can save fortunes in tax payer dollars for the time specific Senate/House Representatives spend on the floors of Congress.

10- That open disclosure of earmarks can be clearly posted at the Senate and House websites, and disposition of budgets, current and project national debt.

11- That constituents may propose earmarks as a public forum, where they can be voted on by fellow constituents of the specific Senate/House Representative.

The New Deal It is the Alternative for the Strategic Futre of our Nation.ISBN: 1419670948, is available at Amazon, and other online book stores.

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