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4th R Foundation: We Personally Condemn Our Children to a Life of Emotionally Challenged Behavior by Making Our Children's Brain Emotionally Sick - A Small Educational Change is All That's Needed

We brainwash our children into believing that each one is the best. We create overconfident or under confident brains that struggle all life to understand and master life with our created emotional baggage loaded, emotionally challenged sick brains.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, December 05, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We are the only experts of our kind. We have redefined the difference between brain and mind in our own unique manner; (If one googles, 'difference between brain and mind', we come up #1); We have also defined wisdom from our own unique perspective; resulting in dozens of new practical applications that are all our own, that improve everything from education to how we live our lives, and we have even invented a newer Wisdom-Industry. We have our own unique route to effectively teaching and mastering emotional intelligence.

Not only is current education for just half the brain, it even miseducate the brain. Now there is a lot of talk about teaching emotional intelligence, which is brain education; but we teach emotional intelligence through the mind. The mind and brain are two distinct, though interdependent entities. While the mind is like a glass of old water where when fresh water is poured in, it readily gets rid of the old water. The brain on the other hand is like a glass of stale water which continues to produce stale water of its own; so when fresh water (knowledge) is poured into it, the fresh water gets lost in the stale water and so the new knowledge has little effect on the old knowledge content. In the process the brain learns little to nothing.

It is like the brain is being told to be honest, sincere, loving etc.; while the physical brain continues to produce dishonesty, insincerity, hate etc. because that is what the physically ignorant brain is capable of doing. It is like we can hammer a nitrogen producing machine to generate oxygen but the result will end in failure. It is the physical brain that has to be changed. Thus ignorance is a real brain sickness and emotional-intelligence/wisdom is a pure healthy brain power.

In the case of brain education it is not about teaching; it is about changing the physically emotionally challenged brain into a physically healthy brain. Emotionally challenged behavior is caused by the emotional baggage in the brain. Emotional intelligence education is emotional baggage removal therapy. Thus emotional intelligence education has little to do with the way our education and science experts are trying to teach emotional intelligence. No wonder current brain education is very frustrating and discouraging. Emotional intelligence is like a fragrance of the brain just like the fragrance of a flower. In order to improve the fragrance the plant has to be nurtured. Similarly it is the brain that has to be cleaned of all emotional baggage. The biggest miseducation/emotional-baggage we ignorantly integrate into our children's brain is that each one is the best.

Please consider the following:

Adam and Eve are living a life of bliss. Both absorbed in living in the now. There is no self-awareness, no ambition, no greed. No sense of helplessness or dependency or thirst for power. There is no worry of any kind whatsoever. No desire to be the best or the greatest, they are innately happy, peaceful and relaxed. There is no fear of any kind, no jealousy or hatred. No idea of right and wrong, no need for rivalry or anger or competition No idea of having less or more. In comes Satan and offers them the prospects of having the same knowledge as God; of they becoming #1 . This one simple idea creates a titanic shift in the very being of Adam and Eve, They were living with just the attributes of wisdom and now after following Satan's advice they at once integrated the attributes of ignorance into their personalities. From fear, guilt, worry, ambition, greed, lust for power, restlessness, jealousy, self-centeredness, unhappiness, anger, competition and confusion etc. all became part of their personalities. They were still in heaven but their brains got loaded with the emotional baggage of hell. No wonder they were chased out of heaven as they were no longer fit for heaven.

Now let's consider a new born child. This new life brings new pleasures. The pleasures of breast sucking open spaces, cleanliness, of hugs and kisses, new tastes etc. The infant is totally absorbed in living life from moment to moment; basking in life with gay abandon. The infant's personality develops on the foundations of love, respect and trust so much so that the infant considers itself as one with the parent! All the ingredients of a wise personality are gradually integrated into the infant's brain. The infant starts out just as Adam and Eve started out in heaven. There is no self-awareness, no ambition, no greed. No sense of helplessness or dependency or thirst for power. There is no worry of any kind whatsoever. No desire to be the best or the greatest, there is innate happiness, peace and relaxation. There is no fear of any kind, no jealousy or hatred. No idea of right and wrong, no need for rivalry or anger or competition. No idea of having less or more. There is no emotional baggage.

Then the parents repeatedly brain wash the child with the belief that the child is the best. A titanic shift takes place in the emotional infrastructure of the child's brain. The child was gradually building up the foundations of wisdom and now it's brain gets loaded with the emotional baggage of all the attributes of ignorance. Fear, guilt, worry, ambition, greed, lust for power, restlessness, jealousy, self-centeredness, unhappiness, anger, competition and confusion etc. all became part of the child's personality. Instead of living in the now the child starts to look over its shoulder preparing for the future. Life becomes a struggle for out smarting everyone else. Studying becomes a secondary means to the main goal of becoming the best, instead of acquiring knowledge for its own sake. In one stroke the parents change the whole reality for the child; from a foundation of wisdom to a foundation of ignorance. From living the reality of life; to a make belief world of being #1.

We deliberately make our own child's brain physically and emotionally sick. We condemn our child to face life with a sick brain. No wonder life for most is an emotional and physical struggle and in spite of all the progress not much changes. Real change can only come from an emotionally healthy brain.

At least Satan asks for action. He challenges Eve to stand up to God. To call God's "bluff" that eating the forbidden fruit is bad. Satan asks them to be daring, to break the law. While Satan asks for action on way to becoming #1; parents just integrate this huge bundle of emotional baggage into the brain of the child. We are worse than Satan for our kids; Satan told Adam and Eve that they could become #1 while we tell our children they are #1.

Parents and even society integrate this false belief that has a rippling effect on all life. Relationships get altered; false priorities take hold, crime, corruption and greed increase. Our relationships, our pleasures our life becomes partly phony. Society suffers from the emotionally challenged behavior on such a massive scale as a direct result of this one belief as it creates emotionally challenged brains.

Just this one belief of being the best is responsible for most of the current mess in the world. It is the biggest cause of tiredness, crime, illness and all the other messes of society. We have to launch a massive campaign to wake up the world to this huge blunder that we make in instilling the false belief of our child being the best. We have to instead make every child become the best through the right wisdom/emotional-intelligence education.

We are appealing to the new Obama administration to use the bully pulpit to awaken the whole world to this huge crime that we as a society, as parents and as teachers commit against our very own kin. This one action will change America far beyond President Obama's own hope and change promise.

We need all world leaders to pool their efforts to remove this emotional baggage creating false belief of being the best from being integrated into the physical infrastructure of our future generations and measures taken to remove this emotional baggage from the brains of all others; young and old. This campaign will not only remove much of the ills of society it will create a new world that is wise with emotionally super healthy brains.

We are appealing to President Obama, President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Sheikha Moza, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Mark Zukerberg, Queen Noor, Sonia Gandhi, Meera Gandhi, Cory Booker etc. to please join this campaign to make the world free of this emotional baggage. Please wake up to the fact that we ourselves, parents and society; that the way we teach emotional intelligence education, we condemn our children's brains to being loaded with emotional baggage. We ourselves make our children's brains sick. We can together change all this; it is just a matter of switching certain beliefs we embed in our children's brains.

Emotional Intelligence is a physically projected brain attribute. It is a physical brain condition. When the brain is emotionally sick it is emotionally challenged; powered by the emotional baggage in the brain. Emotionally challenged behavior is a product of a physically sick brain. Brain illness cannot be cured by teaching, preaching, pleading or through carrots and sticks. As emotional ignorance is a disease of the brain; like any other disease it requires medical treatment. Thus emotional intelligence education does not mean educating the brain it means making a sick brain healthy through brain therapy. To date experts have been using Shaman methods to teach emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence education is about ridding the brain of emotional-baggage/emotional-ignorance.

Our leaders can help change all this. We at the 4th R Foundation are ready with the solutions.... One small educational change is all that's needed. We must stop embedding the belief of being the best and start making our children real champions just like Tiger Woods' dad raised Tiger.

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