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Le Tigre Enterprises Attends Business Leadership Seminar in Ireland

Le Tigre Enterprises attended a quarterly Business Leadership Seminar in Dublin that was designed to help Irish business owners strengthen their leadership skills and build a stronger business.

    CORK, IRELAND, December 16, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The three day seminar covered everything that a business owner needs to know to get a small business up and running and develop strong leadership skills. Le Tigre Enterprises reveals that the seminar covered a wide range of topics including: customer service skills, recruitment, interviewing techniques, website development, advertising, PR, management styles, leadership skills, and how to set and hit short and long term goals. There were a range of speakers present all of who are at the top of their industry and specialists in the topics they spoke on. Ronan O'Connor, Managing Director of Le Tigre Enterprises, said, "The seminar was a great chance to meet like-minded people and network with other business owners who are at the top of their industry. By attending the seminar I was able to make valuable new contacts who I can now call anytime for expert tips and advice when I need it."

New business owners can at times feel isolated if they're the sole decision-makers in their business and they don't have another person who they can speak with to run over important decisions and get advice and extra information. The Business Leadership Seminar in Dublin is held every three months to help new business owners extend their professional network and put them in touch with experts in their industry who can be called for help and advice at any time. Le Tigre Enterprises believes that having access to the best information is the most important factor in building a strong business. The speakers at the Business Leadership Seminar covered everything that someone would need to know to start and build a successful business. Ronan O'Connor said "The topics covered at the seminar were extremely comprehensive. The information that was covered is everything a new business owner needs to build a strong foundation for their business to move forward. Even if someone has been running a business for a while, there were many topics that would help them to make their business stronger."

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Le Tigre Enterprises believes that on-going professional development is extremely important for business owners to stay ahead in their career and at the top of their industry. By attending seminars such as the one in Dublin business owners gain access to a wealth of information that they wouldn't normally have access to. Le Tigre Enterprises Managing Director Ronan O'Connor says "The most important thing I learned at the Seminar is that the bigger your professional network is the more information you have access to. I might not have experience in everything, but I do have access to a network of people who are at the top of their industry that I can call for help and advice at any time. It's those contacts that are most valuable to a business owner, because they give you access to such a wide range of information that you can use to develop yourself and get better." In a market that is constantly changing Le Tigre Enterprises believes that it is vital for business owners to continue to update their skills and learn new information in order to stay ahead of their competitors. With so many new business owners in Ireland the Business Leadership Seminar will continue to be a valuable resource for those who want to build a strong career.

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