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6 Ideas to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff (and Any Future Fiscal Catastrophes)

If the automatic mix of tax increases and federal spending cuts kicks in, there seems to be little consensus on what fall-off there might be.

    MILLBORO, VA, December 20, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- What's the worst that can happen if President Barack Obama and Congress fail to reach a compromise regarding the impending fall off the so-called fiscal cliff?

If the automatic mix of tax increases and federal spending cuts kicks in, there seems to be little consensus on what fall-off there might be. Would it send America back into recession? Roil the markets and lower stock prices? Increase unemployment? Create domestic and international turmoil? International outcry?

Probably none of the above. The bottom line is that this is a symptom of a larger issue.

"To avoid going over the fiscal cliff, Barack Obama and Democrats fall back on an old canard, which is to increase revenue by raising income taxes," says P. Matthew Cauley, author of the new book "Unwrecking America: Solving Our Paralyzing Problems Through Grassroots Statesmanship." "No doubt many people believe the tax increase will help to improve the economy, but it is a temporary fix. American government will spend all it has. Why not send a large tax rebate to all tax payers and let them inject the money into the economy? This would be much more efficient that recycling the money through the Federal Government."

In his book Mr. Cauley looks at the current cultural, social, and political climate in the US. He explains why overpopulation, food shortages, energy crises, and Americans' increasing dependence on the federal government all threaten to destroy our waning empire and what needs to be done to save the country.

"There is no quick fix of our fiscal problem, but it is doable," says Mr. Cauley.

To avoid the fiscal cliff and put our economy on the right track, the American government should:
* Decrease military spending
* Create job and tax incentives for "made in America"
* Cap health-care spending
* Shift government jobs to the private sector
* Reorganize Social Security and Medicare
* Cut wasteful spending

"I hope the president and Congress will come to an agreement before December 31, 2012. Otherwise our economy, as well as the global economy, is in danger," says Mr. Cauley. "It is time our government learns a lesson and takes financial responsibility seriously. America deserves better."

P. Matthew Cauley has farmed and worked for the US Department of Agriculture and in international agriculture for many years. He's been a member of local organizations such as the Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Bath County Republican Committee and been president of Singing Earth Produce, Inc. and Alternative Investment Strategies of Virginia, LLC. Currently he lives in rural Virginia with his wife, Linda.

For more information contact P. Matthew Cauley at [email protected] or visit

("Unwrecking America: Solving Our Paralyzing Problems Through Grassroots Statesmanship" by P. Matthew Cauley; ISBN: 978-0-615-62922-3; e-book: $6.99; softcover: $12.99; P. Matthew Cauley)

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