All Press Releases for September 12, 2007

Mortgage Exam is now Mortgage Consulting Service.

Mortgage Consulting Service is now focusing on helping homeowners get out the mess they've found themselves in. We are all about helping borrowers with unbiased, expert second opinions about their mortgage decision. We do not originate loans nor do we refer...Second Opinions ONLY!

    Mortgage Consulting Service / Mortgage Exam
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/24-7PressRelease/ - RENO, NV, September 12, 2007 - Mortgage Exam has changed its name to Mortgage Consulting Service. This change better reflects the services offered and represents a change in direction given the current state of the mortgage industry. With the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage industry, the depreciation of home values, the teaser ARM rates expiring and tens of thousands of homeowners defaulting on their mortgages (foreclosure), Mortgage Consulting Service is now focusing on helping homeowners get out the mess they've found themselves in.

For the past seven years Mortgage Exam has been helping borrowers with unbiased, expert second opinions about their mortgage decisions. We are not a credit counseling service or a mortgage lender. We never refer any client to a lender, but rather analyze the programs offered by their chosen broker or loan officer for suitability. Mortgage Consulting Service will review a borrowers situation and mortgage options in order to determine the best suitable program for them-NOT the loan officer! We are the ONLY service that does not try to sell loans and that is purely there to translate the documents into common language and to ask the questions only a seasoned loan professional could know. Loan packages used to be 25-35 pages long, now the loan packages are 100 plus pages filled with complicated disclosures and commitments. The new website has been expanded with more information and resources for borrowers including helpful links for FHA, index calculators, and free foreclosure counseling services.

Why all the hysteria about the mortgage industry now? This has been coming for years! Absurd mortgage programs, weak qualifying guidelines, hyperactive values, poor disclosure of consequences, and of course untrained, unethical and greedy loan officers! As field representatives of sub-prime loan bankers we were aware and witness to loan officers placing people in inappropriate loans all for the sake of a commission. We watched as underwriting guidelines were changed and hybrid mortgage products were offered that eventually made no sense. Many borrowers were lead to believe that their loans were much different than what they turned out to be. The prevalence of negative amortization ARMS, interest only programs, first & second mortgage combinations and teaser rate ARMS have sent many borrowers into a tailspin. Borrowers now have a totally unbiased expert available to them to avoid foreclosure, help with refinance decisions and avoid the mistakes so many have made. Mortgage Consulting Service is now here to help those borrowers get out the loans that have suddenly turned into a nightmare.

Mortgage Consulting Service is committed to helping borrowers avoid the headaches of an inappropriate mortgage for their situation. We believe that if more people are aware of the simple common sense precautions to take when shopping for a home loan, more borrowers can obtain a financially suited mortgage. For most people, their home is their largest investment; Mortgage Consulting Service is there to protect your path to the right loan for you. [email protected]

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