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Orange County Laser Hair Removal in High Demand as Spring Approaches

CosmetiCare, a prominent Orange County plastic surgery practice, sees increasing laser hair removal appointments as winter comes to an end.

    NEWPORT BEACH, CA, March 28, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Requests for laser hair removal from both men and women have seen a marked increase in the past month at CosmetiCare (, a plastic surgery practice with offices in Newport Beach and Long Beach. Laser hair removal is typically a top non-surgical cosmetic treatment during this time of year.

"Once the weather starts warming up, everyone starts thinking about what they'll look like on the beach," explains Dr. Michael Niccole, a prominent cosmetic surgeon in Orange County. "Next thing you know, they're on the phone scheduling an appointment with us."

Laser hair removal works by targeting laser energy at the hair root. This damages the hair follicle, reducing or preventing regrowth. The treatment works best for people with lighter skin tones and darker hair, though the modern laser offered at CosmetiCare can successfully treat a wide range of skin and hair types. Laser hair removal is effective nearly anywhere on the body, including the face, body, legs, bikini area and underarms.

"Early spring treatments are often ideal, because the skin is usually still pale from winter, and there's a few months yet before prime beach weather," says Dr. Sami Hamamji, another cosmetic surgeon at the practice. "There's plenty of time for multiple sessions."

Hair regrowth is permanently impacted by laser hair removal only during its growth phase. Since individual hairs have staggered growth and rest phases, only some of the hair targeted by the laser will be removed during a single treatment session. Multiple sessions are required for optimum results, or for larger surface areas. In some patients, maintenance treatments may be suggested to maintain results long-term.

"We offer our patients discounts on multi-session packages and on multi-area treatments," adds Dr. Niccole. "On average, we find that the typical laser hair removal patient will need about five sessions, though everyone is different."

Laser hair removal can either remove hair completely, or thin out existing hair to minimize its appearance. Although in the past, women have been the primary client base for laser hair removal, the procedure is becoming more popular among men.

"Men usually aren't thrilled about the growth of unwanted back and shoulder hair as they get older," says Dr. Hamamji. "Laser hair removal can be an effective solution. We've also treated men who just want to thin out their chest and body hair and our laser system is perfect for that."

CosmetiCare ( was founded in 1982 by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole. Serving thousands of patients each year, CosmetiCare is an award-winning practice that has become one of the most recognized names in aesthetic services in Southern California and throughout the nation. The company offers two locations, in Orange County and in Long Beach. In addition to Dr. Niccole, CosmetiCare's team of medical professionals includes Dr. Burr von Maur and Dr. Sami Hamamji.

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