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A New Approach to Personal Development ...This Book From Charles Bentley PhD Says You're All Right as You Are!

Navigational Tips for Living in an Imperfect World, described by The Sunday Times as "refreshingly different" introduces the human potential approach of Charles Bentley PhD. Its message is that you don't need help - you're fine as you are!

    LONDON, ENGLAND, March 20, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- If you think Navigational Tips for Living in an Imperfect World is just another self-help book you couldn't be more wrong! Written by Charles Bentley PhD & Marian Edmunds, with drawings by the Financial Times cartoonist Roger Beale, its subtitle "We're all right as we are, if only we knew it!" encapsulates its self-liberating message. Right there on the very first page we're told that there 'is no magical goal, no fantasy destination to be reached' - that you don't need help - you're OK as you are!

The book highlights our fascination with and our desire for perfection, whether in us, in others, in our workplace or in our personal lives. It shows how we distort our relationships with people and with events, yearning for a perfection that we cannot hope to achieve. In the very readable form of a conversational dialogue, it delves deep into our human condition to examine the root causes of our present dissatisfactions, fears and anxieties. It suggests that fixed patterns and personality structures laid down in the past prevent us from behaving authentically in the present. As Charles Bentley, the co-author, puts it, "We confine ourselves to lifetime performances in insignificant theatres of activity."

Navigational Tips for Living...certainly doesn't advocate that we should aim for an adversity-free life - indeed, its whole thesis is about how to live personally authentic an imperfect world. It points out that the problems we experience do not exist in the external world but originate from within ourselves. Yes, of course, it says, we're all right as we are, but in order to accept this very simple fact we need to deconstruct the self-inflicted barriers we have built around our true selves.

We need to let ourselves become free.

The book is now available on in paperback and Kindle formats. Personal coaching is also available from Charles Bentley at his website Rediscover Yourself.

Charles Bentley's Unitive approach to personal and professional development coaching has evolved as a result of many years experience in the field of human potential. After graduating as a pharmaceutical chemist at the University of London and qualifying as a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, his subsequent research into the mind-changing effects of psychotropic drugs convinced him of the need for a radically different, self-empowering approach by which individuals could learn how to take personal responsibility for change in their lives, rather than be influenced by medication, indoctrination, or other means. He went on to gain an MA and then a PhD in phenomenology and gestalt psychology, working with Dr Jay Stattman, the Director of the Institute of Unitive Psychology at Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has a worldwide coaching clientele that includes media personalities, entrepreneurs and many professionals in the business and corporate world, media and the arts.

Marian Edmunds is a writer, journalist and a past client of Charles Bentley, living in Australia.


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