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Metrigraphics LLC Delivers 14 Millionth Micro Flex Circuit to Medical Device Maker

May represents major milestone in six-year relationship between device maker and Massachusetts-based manufacturer of sensor substrates and other micro flex circuits.

    WILMINGTON, MA, May 17, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The selection of Metrigraphics LLC as a second source for a tiny sensor substrate has bloomed into big business, with deliveries of the micro flex circuit surpassing 14 million units this month.

"We were excited about the opportunity when a major medical device OEM approached us in 2007 to begin sourcing a necessary part for the OEM's end product," Metrigraphics President and CEO Randolph J. Sablich said. "Our excitement was well-founded. We've been continuously producing the sensor circuits ever since and in ever-increasing quantities."

Peak demand sees Metrigraphics crafting sensors at a rate of 100,000-plus units per week, he said. "We deliver them directly to the customer, who applies the 'secret sauce' that transforms the sensors into highly accurate body chemistry monitors."

Sablich said the relationship between Metrigraphics and the OEM represents many of the micro flex circuit maker's best capabilities including:

- Strong, effective collaboration between Metrigraphics' engineering staff and its customers to develop the best products for their applications
- A highly energized, single-minded production department, willing to do what it takes to meet a customers' delivery requirements
- Highly repeatable, carefully designed processes that create micro flex circuits with features in the 5-10 micron range

"We have worked very closely with the customer to qualify variants of two designs, and are working with them on qualifying a third design for a slightly different application," Sablich said. "While these are single metal layer circuits, they embody the processes we utilize to make our Micro Flex Multilayer circuits: photolithography, thin film sputtering (metal traces) and spinning of polyimide for the dielectric layers."

Metrigraphics produces the circuit substrates in Class 1000 clean rooms, using a process that is both registered to ISO 9001-2008 and supplier approved.

"We have a perfect track record of meeting customer-required deliveries with virtually zero returns," Sablich observed. "Metrigraphics employees are justifiably proud of the excellent working relationships we enjoy with all our customers."

Massachusetts-based Metrigraphics has been a leading manufacturer of specialty flex circuits for a wide range of applications. Working closely with its customers, the Wilmington-based company creates custom precision micro circuits with features ranging in size from 2-10 microns and up to 6 metal layers with a variety of dielectrics in addition to its electroforming capabilities and process services. Call 1.800.261.2557 for more information or visit

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