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Choose Medical Malpractice Attorneys from Ballard & Feagle, LLP Who Have More Than 80 Years' Experience

Atlanta law firm Ballard & Feagle, LLP specializes in cases involving medical malpractice and hospital negligence.

    NORCROSS, GA, July 19, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ballard & Feagle, LLP is one of the most respected trial law firms in Georgia. They have successfully handled complex cases of medical malpractice in Atlanta. Their attorneys can assist people who have suffered injury or illness and those who have lost a loved one as a result of medical malpractice.

Medical Malpractice Cases Cover a Broad Spectrum
The firm's cases have involved just about every type of medical malpractice there is. Some of the most common forms of provider malpractice include anesthesia errors, injuries to newborns during delivery, medication errors, spinal cord injuries, surgical mistakes, treatment-related infections, and misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose heart attacks, strokes, and other imminently or potentially fatal conditions.

Whenever we go to a doctor's office or hospital for treatment, we put our life, literally, in medical professionals' hands, and have a right to expect the best care they can provide. If something goes wrong, the consequences can be deadly. In fact, the Institute of Medicine estimates that nearly 100,000 people die every year in the U.S. alone as the result of preventable medical errors. That is three times the number of people killed in automobile accidents every year in this country.

Respected Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyers
Ballard & Feagle's lawyers in malpractice are experienced in jury trials, and are known and respected throughout the region. They take only a handful of cases each year so that they can focus on providing the best possible representation for their clients.

The attorneys at Ballard & Feagle, LLP realize that most health care providers truly strive to give their patients the best treatment. Sometimes, however, whether because they are rushed, overextended, inexperienced, or simply because of human error, things go wrong. A malpractice attorney's job is to provide recourse to victims and help ensure that no one else is similarly victimized.

According to Greg Feagle, a partner at Ballard & Feagle, LLP, "Many patients who are injured by negligent medical providers do not take legal action. They are told that medicine is an imperfect science, that outcomes cannot be guaranteed, and that mistakes happen. All of that is true. However, it is also true that minimally accepted standards apply to physicians and nurses in the same way that such standards apply to any other licensed professionals such as CPAs, attorneys, architects, and countless others. The public hears a lot about legal claims against physicians and nurses--probably because the powerful insurance companies who are actually responsible for paying those claims are extremely effective in their use of self-serving public relations campaigns. But despite the impression given by these proponents of 'tort reform,' health care providers certainly aren't alone--all professionals can be called to task when they have an error in a way that is considered by their own colleagues to be unacceptable. The only thing that differentiates health care providers from other professionals in the context of legal claims is that, as a result of their own powerful insurance lobbies, physicians and nurses benefit from special laws that exist for the sole purpose of making it far more difficult to sue a health care provider than it is to sue any other licensed professional. . . . We believe that patients should not be injured because a health care provider fails to adhere to basic standards of competency. When that happens, and injury, illness, or death could have been prevented by the practitioner if he or she had taken appropriate steps mandated by the standard of care, there may be a potential legal claim that warrants investigation by a qualified medical malpractice attorney."

If you believe that you may have a malpractice case, contact Ballard & Feagle, LLP at 404-873-1220, or visit their website at to schedule a free consultation with an Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer from their team.

About Ballard & Feagle, LLP:
Ballard & Feagle is a unique law firm in that they are one of the few in the country that offers the resources, experience and trial skills needed to handle intricate and expensive local and national cases. Their nationally renowned firm deals with a wide range of cases, such as those involving medical malpractice, product liability, commercial vehicle accidents, and other significant legal matters.

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