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Local Dentist Now Offers NuCalm, a Technology Proven to Naturally Relax Patients

Dr. Heather Fleschler is one of the first dentists in the Houston area to use new technology to naturally relax patients during their appointment.

It's amazing to see how refreshed my patients look after their NuCalm experience, despite the intensity of some dental procedures.

    HOUSTON, TX, August 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Fear and anxiety keeps over 60 million people a year from seeing a dentist. It is the number one problem people have when thinking about visiting their dentist, and has a significant negative impact on the overall health of the American population. Dr. Heather Fleschler, a leading dentist based in Houston, believes she has found a solution to this problem: NuCalm, a new drug-free technology proven to naturally interrupt the human stress response, significantly reducing patient fear and anxiety.

"NuCalm mimics the natural pathways the body uses to prepare for sleep," Dr. Fleschler explains. "Anxiety leads to high-frequency brain waves, but NuCalm creates low-frequency alpha waves in the brain and relaxes the patient, leaving them physically unable to be anxious and noticeably more comfortable," she added.

She also notes that NuCalm is a drug-free experience and produces no side effects, which allows her patients to immediately return to normal daily activities without restrictions. "It's amazing to see how refreshed my patients look after their NuCalm experience, despite the intensity of some dental procedures."

Dr. Fleschler states that NuCalm is not just helping her patients feel more comfortable, but it's making her and her team more relaxed. Working on patients who are calm and cooperative allows her to do even more excellent clinical work. She says it is safer than drug-based sedation, easy to use, and surveys show that over 95% of patients state they would use NuCalm again. Over 200,000 dental patients across the U.S. have experienced a comfortable dental appointment with NuCalm.

NuCalm: Naturally and Predictably Eliminating Fear and Anxiety... One Patient at a Time

The NuCalm system combines the synergistic benefits of four sensory applications to suspend a patient's brain waves in the first stages of sleep and create relaxation in a typically stressful environment:

- Proprietary all-natural dietary supplements that help interrupt the "fight-or-flight" response
- Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) - An FDA-cleared device for treating anxiety (research indicates a mild electrical current catalyzes the effectiveness of the NuCalm all-natural dietary supplements)
- Proprietary neuroacoustic software - a low-frequency binaural beat paces the brain to the first stages of sleep
- Light-blocking eye mask to remove visual stimulation and help maintain relaxation

NuCalm is easy to administer for the dentist, and non-intrusive for the patient. NuCalm is administered in approximately three to five minutes prior to the start of the appointment, with deep relaxation generally attained in three to four additional minutes. The patient is "NuCalmed" throughout the dental procedure as the neuroacoustic software paces the patient's brain waves to the first stages of sleep; relaxation is experienced as long as the clinician needs to complete a procedure.

"I've been serving the greater Houston area with best-in-class oral health services since 2004. We understand how stressful dental visits can be for many people. We constantly survey the marketplace for new techniques and technologies that will help our patients have a more comfortable and positive dental experience. Our patient-first philosophy inspired us to invest in the advanced neuroscience technology NuCalm," Dr. Fleschler said.

"My elite dental team and I have seen the benefits of NuCalm and believe this revolutionary technology will help change the public's perception of dentistry. Our patients are leaving our office feeling refreshed and thanking us for a relaxing experience. The real value is that we all seem to be struggling to manage stress and we are able to help, at least while people are at our office."

"Dr. Fleschler is just one of many healthcare practitioners turning to this technology to naturally manage stress for their patients," said Jim Poole, CEO of Solace, manufacturers of NuCalm. "Relaxed patients help clinicians do their best work as they don't have to contend with the behaviors associated with dental anxiety: gag reflex, startle response, muscle tension in the jaw, excessive salivary flow, and working around the tongue. We are honored that Dr. Fleschler is leading the way for NuCalm in the Houston area. We appreciate Dr. Fleschler's pioneering vision and her passion for improving the human experience."

"Dentistry is actually just one of many possible applications for this all-natural technology that remediates stress and anxiety at the midbrain level. NuCalm is also being used or studied in cardiology, psychotherapy, eating disorders, sleep medicine, oncology, and professional athletics. Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on the human condition, and we are making a profound difference with NuCalm," Mr. Poole added.

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