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New Anonymous App "ShareWhere" Exposes What Really Happens at the Places in Your Area

We've all been out somewhere and wondered 'If these walls could talk, I bet they'd have one heck of a story.' Well now they can with the new anonymous app ShareWhere that reveals what really goes on at the places around you.

It really gives the user a unique glimpse as to what actually goes on at the places around them. People are willing to open up so much more when they know it's anonymous.

    MIAMI, FL, July 24, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Take a stroll down Ocean Drive on South Beach and you're likely to see some things that surprise you. Everything from flashing lights and quirky characters can make for an interesting night out. However, step into one of the clubs or bars that make up this art deco inspired street and that's when you may see some things that will shock you. That was the inspiration for Miami natives Geoffrey Chan and Michael Francis to create the new anonymous social sharing app ShareWhere.

"ShareWhere is a new anonymous social sharing application, it is location based and tied to the places and people around you. There are no usernames and it is 100% anonymous. Users can go on and post a picture or text and say what's on their mind about a specific location or place in their area. You can mention something that may have happened there in the past or expose a dirty little secret that is going on as we speak with absolutely no trace back to you. Users nearby can comment or direct message the author of a post and really get into the fun details," Chan explains.

Think of it as "Whisper" meets "Yelp," its local interaction about the places in your city, however since it's completely anonymous, anything goes. "We would go out with friends and of course the first thing you want to do when you get home is post pictures, unfortunately the best ones are those you would never actually share because nowadays everyone is trying to portray this perfect image. Well with ShareWhere, you now have a place to share those crazy moments and where they took place. The best part is, since it's 100% anonymous no one will ever know it was you," said Chan.

However, this new anonymous app is not just about sharing the mischievous things that happen during a night out with friends. ShareWhere is an outlet for people to express anything that's on their mind about the locations around them. "We've seen everything from anonymous restaurant reviews to college students connecting and sharing secrets around campus. You never really know what to expect, there was a post recently of a someone asking what to order at a restaurant while he was literally on a first date. It received a couple dozen responses and I think the consensus from the people around him was to get off your phone while you're on a first date," Chan jokingly said.

You can definitely also expect to see some outrageous confessions of the goings on at certain places. From hysterically funny to serious or even slightly sad, users are willing to open up with much more candid thoughts knowing the level of anonymity they obtain. "It really gives the user a unique glimpse as to what actually goes on at the places around them. People are willing to open up so much more when they know it's anonymous. From where regretful random hookups took place to tips on which bartenders to flirt with to score free drinks, users don't have to worry about holding back," Chan says.

Posting a thought or picture on ShareWhere is really just where the fun begins. The interaction that happens between the users afterwards is an experience unto itself. Once something is posted, users can comment and chime in. You can also make the conversation more private by using the direct messaging system on the app. However, only those that are nearby can actually participate and reply. "We did this because there is more of a personal connection knowing that the people you are conversing with are actually around you and have been to or are familiar with the places you are speaking about. As opposed to someone in another state or country that may have never even heard of the location," Chan says. There are even individual message boards for each location where users can go and discuss upcoming events, ideas and really anything that comes to mind.

There is something unique to this anonymous app that sets it apart from the rest. When you are not only revealing a thought but actually tying it to a certain location in your area, it adds another level of interest to the user that isn't normally there. Whether something is said about a place you have been to in the past or planned to one day go to, it makes it more personal and adds a deeper level of intrigue knowing it is nearby. It can be a location you are currently at such as a college campus or somewhere in town you were thinking about visiting like a bar or night club, it engages the user to know that is people around them and places they know of.

ShareWhere is certainly gaining steam in the world of anonymous social sharing and they have a bright future ahead. Chan states, "We are fortunate to be working with a lot of great people and are really excited for what Sharewhere has become and the potential of what it can be. There are a lot of exciting things on the horizon." You can download ShareWhere for iPhone today, an android version is already in the works and is expected to be available in the near future.

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