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Open Market for Background Music 'MusicPlug' Launches a Fixed Rate Service

Provides more than 50 thousand music sources for videos, apps and games 60% price discount event is temporarily on making the yearly subscription only 399,000 KRW!

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    ANYANG, KOREA, August 05, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Background music is a key element in adding excitement and reality to content such as applications, games, videos etc. The cost of background music when you either produce it or purchase a music source accounts for a significant amount of the whole expense needed to produce content. A very innovative way to reduce this cost is using the open market for background music 'MusicPlug ('

Users can easily purchase a music source they need through MusicPlug and use it in their content. The range of price varies depending on the type; simple sound effects are under 1,000 won, general music/songs are 10,000-30,000 won and the most expensive music doesn't exceed 1,000,000 won.

More than 50,000 music sources are currently available at MusicPlug and the number is continuously increasing with the open market platform in which any users can upload and publish their music. Not only the individual composers but several professional music producers are participating in the platform.

MusicPlub is also providing a 'Music Search' service based on music analyzing technology which helps users to find the music source they need quickly. Once a user selects the options such as genres, mood or type of instrument, a corresponding list of music appears. Non-professionals also can easily look for music for their project with this tool.

Previously in MusicPlug users could only purchase a single or a package music source, as more and more producers who use a large amount of music ask for a different system, a fixed rate service has been launched. With the new service, music producers can use a lot of music, except for certain music, in a certain period of time. A 90 day subscription is 450,000 won. A 180 day subscription is 660,000 won and a yearly subscription is 990,000 won. Now with a temporary opening event, the most expensive yearly subscription is available at the discounted price of 60%, 399,000 won.

According to Soundux providing the MusicPlug service, there was a case that reduced up to 90% of the cost for producing music in content by using MusicPlug. The launch of the fixed rate service will be very good news for app or game production companies etc. who have been investing a lot of amount of money on music, since they can use a lot of music in a certain period with a much cheaper price.

Extra benefit) For the fixed rate service subscribers, voice actor recording and music selection service is available with 30% reduced price and its production with 20% reduced price within the period of subscription.

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