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Precision Targeting, LLC Shows US DOD the World's Smallest and Lightest Weapon Mounted Ballistic Computer, RIANOV Eagle

The RIANOV Eagle was part of the Limited User Assessment (LUA) of the Modular Sniper Display (MSD) and Integrated Ballistic Engine Augmentation Module (IBEAM), in Quantico VA, with sniper teams from the US Army, US Navy and the US Marines.

The RIANOV Eagle also enables the shooter to gain firing solutions while in canted firing positions, while other devices on the market simply inform the shooter they are canted

    ATLANTA, GA, August 16, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The event was organized by the US Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVSED) to demonstrate the capability of the RIANOV Eagle. At an amazing small 57grams (2.0oz) and 21mm (0.82in) x 59mm (2.3in) and occupying only 10mm (0.4in) of rail space, RIANOV Eagle is easily the smallest and lightest weapon mounted real-time ballistic computer in the world. The capabilities of the RIANOV Eagle include on-board sensors, that eliminate the need for a bulky weather station to be carried by the shooter, and 3-Axis weapon system orientation sensor that allows the shooter to know the exact angles the weapon is pointed at all times. The RIANOV Eagle also enables the shooter to gain firing solutions while in canted firing positions, while other devices on the market simply inform the shooter they are canted and make the shooter correct out the cant in order to provide a solution. The RIANOV Eagle's ability for canted solutions is a real world capability that allows shooters to engage targets faster and more accurately regardless of their firing position.

The RIANOV Eagle has direct interface with multiple currently fielded Laser Range Finders (LRF) including the STORM, RULR, RAPTOR and PLRF along with currently fielded Thermal Weapon Sights (TWS) such as the HISS and the INOD and the Schmidt and Bender Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) Optic which includes the Modular Sniper Display (MSD) using an integrated head's up display (HUD) that allow the computed and Trued ballistic solution to be displayed in the shooters field of view. The enabling technology of the RIANOV Eagle pulls these systems together and significantly reduces target engagement times for the shooters.

In 2012, the US Army awarded Precision Targeting, LLC a development contract for a weapon-mounted ballistics computer to interface to the STORM and RULR laser rangefinders. The units delivered under this contract were the Precision Targeting IBEAM units that were the first generation product for the US Army. With an already established commercial market product in the RIANOV family, the RIANOV SOLO was an excellent platform to use for developing a second generation product for the military. These units, that are currently in use, and have delivered accurate firing solutions out to 1,200 yards for .308 round (M118LR) paved the way for the development of the RIANOV Eagle, which is capable of storing 16 weapon system and an electronic DOPE table with 60 entries per weapon system and operates with any rifle, any caliber bullet and any rifle mounted scope. The RIANOV Eagle can be easily mounted anywhere on the weapon that the shooter likes through the various mounting kits, including a Rail Mount Kit (RMK) and the Scope Mount Kits (SMK) that come in a variety of sizes for different scope tube diameters.

Precision Targeting was founded in 2011 by Larry Bay and Jay Bazzano is a privately held company; our mission is to bring the best in solid state electronics to the shooter for use on the weapon, including state-of-the-art, fully compensated ballistic solutions for the military and commercial markets. We support a wide range of shooting activities including our association with the GPS Defense Sniper School (Phoenix, AZ), in which the RIANOV technology is used to augment the training of the fundamentals of shooting to bring shooters the best possible solution to be applied on their weapon system.

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