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Sedona Innovations, LLC Introduces New Industry First Product Targeted to the Sporting Goods Industry, THEBallwarmerTM

After experiencing THEBallwarmer, you will never play ball sports with cold balls again.

    SEDONA, AZ, September 25, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Sedona Innovations, LLC introduces new industry first product targeted to the sporting goods industry, THEBallwarmerTM.

Sedona Innovations LLC introduces new product which addresses a fundamental problem experienced by most all players of ball sports in less than perfect weather climates. It addresses the problem that cold balls do not bounce. This revolutionary new product significantly enhances the playing experience of most any kind of ball sports in less than perfect weather.

For example, the bounce performance of a tennis ball diminishes approximately 50 per cent from 70 degrees F. to 30 degrees F. Most all balls are subject to this phenomena.

The BW-100 small universal Ballwarmer is designed for the conditioning, stabilization, storage and transportation of small balls such as baseball, golf, handball, tennis balls etc. The BW-100 Ballwarmer is battery powered, thermostatically controlled and portable.

THEBallwarmerTM conditions cold balls by rapidly heating the balls to optimum operating temperature. Conditioning modifies the internal pressure of the balls and warms the composition of the balls readying them for play. THEBallwarmer allows the user to realize the performance potential of the ball the way it was designed to be.

The BW-100 operates from a self-contained rechargeable SLA battery. The power management strategy utilized in THEBallwarmer provides up to 24 hours of operating time. The BW-100 will condition up to 25 tennis balls at once. The use of varying size balls will provide differing capacities.

Operation is quick and straight forward. Place the balls to be conditioned on the internal grid, shut the cover and turn the unit on. THEBallwarmer is preprogrammed to rapidly process tennis balls to an optimal 70 degrees F. Balls already at room temperature may be placed in THEBallwarmer and the temperature will be maintained and stabilized at room temperature. THEBallwarmer is user re-programmable to the desired temperature to suit personal preferences or to accommodate various ball preferences. An AC adapter recharges the battery and can also be used to extend operating time.

THEBallWarmer is a patented product.

THEBallWarmer has been proven with extensive field testing.

After experiencing THEBallwarmer, you will never play ball sports with cold balls again.

The BW-100 and is available now.

The BW-100 has a suggested retail price of $399.95.

Sedona Innovations LLC CEO and high tech industry veteran Ralph Granchelli said, we are excited to be offering this new and exciting technology to the market. For years players have had no option but to play with cold balls. THEBallwarmer solve this age old problem. It revolutionizes playing ball sports when the weather is not optimal.

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