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Nth Viewer, Watch a Video From Any Angle You Want!

With their own 3D content production tech, Arc Interactive Inc. is introducing brand new content that will be used in the education, fashion and exhibition fields!

    ANYANG-SI, KOREA, October 08, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ordinary video can only give users a somewhat passive experience, because they can only show views and angles from the person taking the video. However, Arc Interactive is now getting a lot of attention by introducing a new concept of video technology that comprises the viewer's point of view. With Arc Interactive's NthViewer, users can watch videos from various angles they want and the videos do not freeze when users change the angle. The service is available via various mobile devices like smart phones, tablet pcs, which means it has been developed not to take up a lot of space in a device. Users can see videos from a 360 angle.

Currently Nth Viewer's multi angle videos are taken by more than 8 cameras. By dragging screen to the angles users want, the video rotates and starts showing from the chosen angle. The video and sound do not freeze in the process. With this service, users can see models walking while checking out their clothes closely from various angles and it is also possible to follow sequences of a yoga teacher easily.

With its innovative technology, NthView shows the existing 2D video looks like 3D making it especially welcome in fashion, sport, education and exhibition fields where it is required to show the audience more detailed and real video.

CEO of Arc Interactive Song Heon-ju has recently been awarded a prize for innovative CEO from SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration)'s 15th Inno-Tech Show 2014 and is widely acknowledged for their exceptional 3D technology with their 'NthViewer' and 'Fusion VR.' Fusion VR is a technology that gives users a feeling of actually looking around a house or exhibition through video. It also has been developed continuously, achieving a smooth and clear vision.

They will double the number of cameras for NthViewer to 16 cameras expanding the boundary of the multi angle video through continuous R&D and collaboration.

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