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Can Transparency Trump Privacy? Praice Launches Beta

Only few days after the worldwide media frenzy about Ello, Praice launches in beta with a completely opposite approach to social media.

With Praice, we wanted to create a medium where you and others can get an honest answer to how people really see you.

    COPENHAGEN, DENMARK, October 09, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Despite the initial hype about Ello, the supposed answer to all the evils of Facebook, the jury is still not out on the victory of privacy as a standard on social networks. At least not if it is up to the Copenhagen-based startup: Praice.

Praice aims to create an authentic alternative to the horde of social platforms often times being dominated seemingly by superficial self-promotion. Hence, Praice enables people to anonymously create their friends' profiles.

"The biggest issue with social platforms today, is that they are based on who people say they are as opposed to how they are actually seen by their peers. Increasing privacy only adds to the control people have over their already polished self image," CEO, Andreas Christiansen explains.

"With Praice, we wanted to create a medium where you and others can get an honest answer to how people really see you."

For many people choosing to expose themselves to the unfiltered opinions of their peers will be at least a provoking, if not decidedly frightening, proposal, and yet, this is also what makes Praice exciting.

"It definitely requires a certain confidence in yourself and in your network's perception of you," says Christiansen. "It requires you to be honest with yourself and actually evaluate who you are as a person."

The emotional component, however, is not the only benefit to Praice. It can also serve as a valuable tool in recruiting and more broadly whenever you have to establish trust with someone outside your social circle. For instance if we look at the world of sharing economies like Lyft, Airbnb, and dating services etc.

"Praice is by far the easiest way that exists to credibly communicate your personality. We believe that this is something you will increasingly have to do in a world where our social life is fragmented across a variety of different contexts."

Regardless of what you might think of Praice, it does create an undeniable curiosity about how your friends actually see you.

You can sign up at Praice here:

Praice is the authentic social platform where your profile is anonymously created by your network instead of yourself. It was founded in 2014 by Andreas D Christiansen formerly at IBM.

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