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In Order to Remain in One Place, You Should Run!

Paradoxes of thought that the thought-run machines show by Dr. Tamas Lajtner

Lajtner Machine. Move real things with thoughts!

    IRVINE, CA, October 27, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is common knowledge that thought shows up as electrical signals in the brain. This brain signals have small energy, they are not able to move real objects. However, it is new discovery, that thoughts are able move real objects. Dr. Tamas Lajtner Ph.D. has spent the last 15 years researching a working technique to harness the power of thoughts. He has designed real objects that are run by thoughts. When thought leaves the boundaries of the mind, it somehow still exists. Where? And in which form? Dr. Lajtner answers these questions in his exiting, 8 min long video.

Dr. Lajtner calls his thought-run objects collectively "the Lajtner Machine". A Lajtner Machine is nothing other than a simple object operated by thoughts. Without thoughts, they cannot work at all. They move if the force of thought acts upon them. If real objects move with thought, the question offers itself: Where is thought once it leaves the boundaries our minds? Let's say, thoughts float in the "secret channel of World".

Dr. Tamas Lajtner says: "People think, thoughts are made exclusively by the brain and thoughts remain in the head. These statements do not tally with the facts. Studying the working method of the "secret channel" using the Lajtner Machine, it is sure, that thought leaves the head as real force. This real force floats in the "secret channel". There are many people with many thoughts. Therefore there are lots of forces of thought in the "secret channel". In other words, there come always signals from the "secret channel" and we ourselves send signal into the "secret channel" 24/7. There is no thought without the "secret channel". It seems, we need the entire world to be able to think.".

The world changes. What do the thoughts do? The paradoxes enlighten the situation well: "Your thoughts change, even when they do not change." Or the same in other form: "If you are thinking today what you thought yesterday, you are already thinking something else." Dr. Lajtner's video explains the paradoxes. Watch it here!

Dr. Lajtner added: "The third paradox is in the title of this press release. "In order to remain in one place, you should run." This paradox is very true. Let's think about your life. If your competitors come up with new things, you should also come up with something new. If you stand in one place without running, you will drop behind. Well, our life is like our thoughts."

Dr. Tamas Lajtner has more prototypes of the Lajtner Machine, he is actively seeking funding opportunities to produce them.

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