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3D Graphic Mobile App, the Promising Must-have Item for All Exercisers

Aerowhale Studio showed off the technology which enables people to learn various sports motions with a mobile app.

    ANYANG, KOREA, November 11, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Aerowhale Studio showed off the technology which enables people to learn various sports motions with a mobile app in Digital Contents Future Vision Pavilion at 'WIS 2014'. This item is able to make a 3D video of sport experts' motions recorded by motion capture technology. And people can watch those videos by their phones. It is expected that the app will bring remarkable changes in sports education.

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The key functions of the item are divided into two; one is 'Motion Check Function' by which people can learn sports motions, watching 3D videos and the other is 'Motion comparison Function' by which people can compare their own motions to them of 3D videos.

At first, 'Motion Check Function' is for the users to learn how sport experts move by watching 3D videos. It is differentiated from previous 2D videos that people can freely change the angles in a full 360 degrees and zoom in-and-out is also easy. Play speed is capable to be controlled by 0.1x like a high speed camera.

And, 'Motion Comparison Function' is for the users to compare their own motions recorded by a smart-phone camera and the experts' motions of 3D videos. On the screen, they can watch 2D and 3D videos at the same time and it helps them to find the differences between the motions and correct their motions.

From now on, 'The Guide to Correct Baseball Form' is made for baseball club players. It contains kyung-hyen, An's motions, who is a famous baseball commentator in Korea. The motions of other Korean baseball legendary experts like Kwang-soo, Kim(a head coach of Hanwa Eagles), Do-hyung, Lee(a member of Korea Baseball Organization) and Kyung-Pil, Lee(a professional baseball coach will be added.

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'Brain Golf', a golf image training app has earned favorable reviews from all golfers for its system which can check 6 key swing motions of golf with rhythm and meditate.

Watching various good swing forms, the users can do image training. Every detail of motions can be checked by angle changes and zoom in-and-out. Slow motion function also helps to study 3D movements more closely.

In sync with the beat of familiar music, the users easily fine the timing of swing and rhythm. Image round give them a chance to rehearse a game.

It's a scientific program. The company explains that watching right forms and meditating is helpful for various golfers, especially starters who want to find their own swing style, people who don't have time and space to practice and some lagged behind despite of a lot of effort.

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CEO Ji-soo, Lee(34) said, "At this WIS 2014, we can meet our customers and feel worth and proud of ourselves for their compliments. And we want to expand our working fields onto more various sprots and lead digital sports education market.

Since its foundation on May 30th in 2013, Aerowhale Studio has developed digital contents improving the quality of life by converging sports and software. And it pioneers a new contents market using programming, system design and 3D animation development technology.

'The Guide to Correct Baseball Form' for baseball club players and 'Brain Golf', a golf image trainer are downloadable at Google Play Store.

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