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Kind Attention Senator Mitch McConnell: Looking for Improving Every Single Sector of American Life?

There is a one step solution to improving the economy, education, crime, greed, corruption, rivalries, relationships, parenting. Introduce brain education for the young and old.

Your institutions must create the means to transform each and every American into an emotionally healthy human being. You can and must change society into a super normal society.

    RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, November 12, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is the emotional intelligence that has a rippling effect on all life. To improve all the sectors of life the emotional health of the whole population will have to be healed. Emotional health springs from an emotionally healthy brain. So emotional intelligence education is brain healing education.

It is because our education system makes every effort to educate just the mind while it leaves the education of the brain to the parents and their religious and caste communities/groups. While some groups have mastered the art of educating the brain the vast majority of Americans not only ignore brain education; they even miseducate the brain.

This has been the brain education reality since ever. No wonder inspite of all the education improvements there have always been four classes of people, as the class level is determined by the cumulative effect of the mind and brain levels.

Our current education system produces 20% premature (-2) emotional brains, 30% immature (-1) emotional brains, 30% mature (+1) emotional brains and 20% (+2) super mature emotional brains.

While it is the mind education that creates the net that captures the economic gains it is the brain created net that holds and together with the mind's net expands the economic gains.

In the case of the -2 brain net; the net is riddled with holes and as a result it is incapable of holding even the government provided safety net. The govt. will have to perpetually provide this class with the means to survive; unless corrective action is taken. Just imagine the amount of suffering and waste and the rippling effect on the rest of society.

The -1 brain net has smaller holes and as a result this class too drains away hard earned economic gains and so is also always struggling to pay the bills. The only way to plug the holes is to heal the -1 brain into a +2 brain.

The +1 brain nets are able to hold their economic gains but they too waste substantial money.
Why should this class be allowed to suffer the consequences of a +1 brain when they can easily reap and enjoy the benefits of a +2 brain?

Those blessed with +2 minds along with +2 brains not only have massive nets, they even have multiple nets and so their wealth increases are geometric. In the next few decades we will see the first trillionaires( Of Course there will only be a few trillionaires as it takes many factors besides +2 minds with +2brains).

Emotional intelligence is the perfume/fragrance of the brain and ignorance is the stink of the brain. Both are produced by the physical brain. Our wisdom sages decided that the problem of society is the lack of perfume generating brains. So they keep making efforts to teach the physical brain to produce perfume. When the physical brain is capable of producing stink then teaching the physical brain to stop producing the stink and start producing perfume is like trying to educate a nitrogen producing machine to start producing oxygen. The only way is to heal the brain through brain therapy.

These poorer classes of people along with all their accompanying problems will remain unless we introduce brain healing education. The only permanent solution for bridging the class divide and making all the classes into the top +2 class is to introduce a massive across the board brain healing education program.

The only way to raise the lower classes up; is by plugging the emotional holes and making the brain and mind nets as efficient as humanly possible. Not only can you stop the leak and wastage caused by lower level brains you can make them positive contributors to themselves and society.

We have enough knowledge not only to guarantee the "pursuit" of happiness; we can guarantee pure happiness to the majority of Americans.

Your institutions must create the means to transform each and every American into an emotionally healthy human being. You can and must change society into a super normal society.

President Obama promised change but he is too trapped in his own spin. You have this opportunity to really change America into a +2 class society. I can show you how; as can many other experts.

I will gladly share with you all my work.

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