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City Business Solutions Tips for Start-up Survival

Despite the stabilizing economy, becoming a business owner is still a risk. To help new business owners navigate their way through the unpredictable business world, City Business Solutions has offered the following start-up advice.

    CHICAGO, IL, November 14, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- City Business Solutions highlights that start-ups are vital to the economy as they provide growing innovation and new job opportunities that help to boost a country's economic growth. The firm believes that more needs to be done to support new businesses as they can only continue to offer this economic stability if they survive and thrive. Start-ups are of huge value but only if they stay open, if they open and close quickly they could damage the economy.

The most common challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting a business include being unable to gain funding because bank loans do not see them as a working business. This can be damaging to a business that has already spent a great deal in trying to launch and can lead to them not having enough funds to continue. Another issue could be limited industry and market knowledge because they have been unable to investigate or they have simply not known where to go to find out the relevant information. This leads to another common challenge which is lack of advice. Entrepreneurs need to hear from people who have been through these challenges and came out on top, but these networks of people are often difficult to find. City Business Solutions believes that networking and finding a mentor needs to be made easier for entrepreneurs to give their businesses the best possible chance of survival.

To help entrepreneurs, City Business Solutions has put together a list of advice to help start-ups survive:

Maintain Focus
Starting a business is incredibly exciting and sometimes this excitement can lead to too many ideas at once and not enough focus. Focus on one thing at a time and commit to that idea, making it easy to maintain steady growth.

Move Beyond the Idea
Don't spend too much time perfecting the idea and the planning behind it. This is worth nothing until it is an actual product or business. Only through moving it from idea to a market reality does it really become valuable.

Expect Competition
Competition is a good thing. It means that the product/service is sought after and needed. This just means being prepared for competition and offering something either better or cheaper than competitors.

It is important to put time into researching to find out if there is a niche for the product out there, to get a deep understanding of the target market and how best to market the product to the intended audience.

Communicate Effectively
Disagreement often arises when project leaders cannot communicate the roadmap properly to team members.

Choose the Right Team
A start-up has so many aspects that have to be thought of and created that no one person possesses all the skills needed. The only way to succeed is to pull together a competent group of resilient people all pushing towards to same goal.

Prioritize Marketing
Never underestimate the power of marketing. Not caring about marketing will mean the product will most likely not reach the target customers no matter how good the product is.

Use Customer Feedback
All too often start-ups make the mistake of making what they want as opposed to what the customer needs. Listen to customer feedback and use it to deliver a product/service that customers actually want to buy because it helps them in some way.

Prepare for Success
If the business does take off quickly it is important to be prepared to meet the demand. Prepare for continual change and familiarize with all tools or software that could possibly be needed.

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