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Spread LOVE with a Simple App

Show your love to your friends in the coolest, quickest and easiest way! Just a single tap and your friends will receive your love.

A great app, the message of love is very beautiful, I tried to send a message to a few friends and they love it. Sign fast simple tools to create a message of love is very diversified.

    SISIMIUT, GREENLAND, November 16, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- What does the LOVE app do?

LOVE is a very silly iPhone app that dows one thing, and that's to send a simple and short "LOVE" message to friends.
LOVE bills itself as the "The simplest & most efficient tool in the world to spread LOVE". With a single tap, users can send the word "LOVE" and the sound "I love you" to one another - and nothing else. The app's developers note that sending the same message using WhatsApp, Facebook or SnapChat would take 11 taps.

Yes, but what if I want to say something else?
You can't. But LOVE claims that this limitation is also its inherent strength. Are you thinking of someone? Just send LOVE. "Wanna say 'good morning'? Just send LOVE. Wanna say 'Baby I'm thinking about you'? - Just send LOVE.

The Concept
- The concept is simple. Download the LOVE app on your phone.
- Add a friend.
- Tap their name on your phone and bingo! You have just sent them a LOVE, which appears as a notification and can also be heard audibly.

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About the developer
Two time Davey Awards silver award Winner Ulrik Motzfeldt had the idea for LOVE app come after the "Yo" app was released april 2014 by Arbel. Why not send LOVE to each other?

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