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CroMex: Are You a Budding Entrepreneur? 6 Things You Must Know

In order to encourage more young people to see entrepreneurship as a viable career option, New York based marketing specialists CroMex give their top six pieces of entrepreneurial advice.

    NEW YORK, NY, January 25, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Despite claims, 2015 is set to be a great year for entrepreneurship and a more favorable economy, recent research has revealed many young people still don't view entrepreneurship as a viable career option and instead, are choosing to take on more corporate roles in order to get ahead in business. The analysis conducted by the Wall Street Journal found that only 3.6 percent of households headed by under 30s owned stakes in private companies, representing a 24 year low for young entrepreneurs. Sales and marketing specialists CroMex work with many budding entrepreneurs through their business development program, which shares the knowledge and skills needed to successfully run a business. Through the program the firm have come to recognize the high levels of innovation and creative thinking that young people can bring to business and are concerned that, with young entrepreneurship at a 24 year low the business world could be about to lose its vibrancy. The firm believe that if America is to continue to benefit from the fresh thinking and innovation of its small start-up communities, then more must be done to promote entrepreneurship and support those brave enough to take the plunge and follow their business dreams.

About CroMex:

As a first step, CroMex have shared the following advice for budding entrepreneurs, which outlines what they believe all future business owners should know about entrepreneurship.

Age Matters
Many successful business owners claim they wish they started their journey sooner. By waiting for the 'perfect time' entrepreneurs can miss a number of potentially fruitful opportunities which could help them to reach their desired goals quicker. The first step is always the hardest yet CroMex believe the sooner a budding entrepreneur starts, the more experience they can build up before other commitments begin to intrude on their time.

Tenacity is important
It takes more than just creativity and skill to be successful, and CroMex believe it's not what an individual has that allows them to achieve their goals, it's how they apply what they have and make the most of the opportunities presented to them. Young people must look honestly at themselves and make the most of their strengths in order to succeed.

Money Adds up
Money matters in business so it's important to be in possession of all the facts concerning finances before launching a business, rather than diving in head first without sufficient financial support.

Education is important
Although CroMex believe it's possible to succeed without going to an Ivy League school, the firm are eager for entrepreneurs to understand that in some situations, education can make the journey easier. Education can help gain investment and shows other professionals that an entrepreneur has a strong work ethic.

Keep track of trends
It's no coincidence that today's most exciting start-ups are based around mobile apps and technologies. The demand for innovative mobile technologies has been huge and by tracking the progress of the trend entrepreneurs have been able to deliver solutions that consumers crave. By keeping an eye on new emerging trends budding entrepreneurs can have the same success in other areas of business.

Problems Count
Entrepreneurs are problem solvers by nature, and should make it a priority to look for even the most simplest of problems in need of a solution. It doesn't need to be high tech, it just needs to work.

CroMex is a sales and direct marketing firm that specialize in building their clients' businesses through face to face marketing and communications. By taking the time to meet with consumers directly and, understand their individual needs the firm help their clients to boost their customer relationships and increase sales.

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