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Emie Marketing Ask: Are Young Entrepreneurs the Best Entrepreneurs?

With many high profile entrepreneurs currently making a name for themselves in the business world, Florida based Emie Marketing review whether young people make the best entrepreneurs.

    ORLANDO, FL, January 25, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It's common knowledge among business professionals that business is a continuous learning opportunity. Even CEOs must strive to seek out new information in order to keep their businesses profitable and competitive. Due to this constant demand for knowledge and the today's changeable marketplace, most people tend to believe that when it comes to business, experience is by far the greatest asset an entrepreneur can have on their side. In almost anything in life, practice makes perfect and experience often provides people with the opportunities to learn from their mistakes and grow into well rounded highly skilled professionals. Emie Marketing, a sales and marketing agency based in Orlando, Florida do understand why most believe experience is the most important attribute in business, however are eager to encourage business professionals not to write off younger entrepreneurs just yet. The firm believe that what many young people may lack in experience, they more than make up for in other areas, and the unique skills and passion they offer could greatly improve the vibrancy and diversity of the business world.

About Emie Marketing:

After reviewing the ages of the people behind some of the world's most successful companies, Emie Marketing has found a surprising pattern. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Bill Gates one of the founders of computer giants Microsoft were only 20 years old when they hit the big time. The minds behind Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page were both 25 years old when they founded the world's favourite search engine. Despite many claiming experience is key, these business leaders were all under 26 when they launched their businesses and as a result, have all reaped massive financial rewards before even reaching their 30th birthday.

Emie Marketing believes that the number one reason behind the success of these young entrepreneurs is that 20 somethings have far less to lose than older entrepreneurs. With no mortgage to pay and far less responsibilities young entrepreneurs are free to follow their dreams without the worry of what could be at stake should things go wrong. With such little risk involved, young entrepreneurs are able to think more creatively and approach ideas from different perspectives which allow them to identify the 'best' solutions as opposed to the safest. Emie Marketing also believes that by avoiding the corporate world and stepping out on their own, young people are able to easily transform the existing boundaries of the 'workplace'. By doing things their own way from the outset, young entrepreneurs can set their working environment to suit them and their needs, which often leads to an increase in innovation and helps them to devise more exciting and radical concepts to take to market.

Based in Orlando, Emie Marketing help a number of companies across Florida to boost their market reach and increase sales through innovative direct marketing campaigns. With years of combined experiences in the direct marketing industry the firm are experts in creating engaging campaigns that accurately convey their clients' message to their consumers. As well as creating unique campaigns the firm also go and meet with consumers directly on behalf of their clients as they strongly believe that improving the customer experience and listening to consumer feedback can greatly increase customer loyalty and sales.

Emie Marketing work with budding young entrepreneurs on a daily basis through their business development program. The program aims to ready future business owners for the realities of running a business by expanding their knowledge and skills in key areas such as leadership and finances. The firm are keen to see more businesses support young entrepreneurs in 2015 so that the US economy can continue to grow and stabilize.

Emie Marketing generate personalized marketing campaigns for their clients in order to deliver a high ROI even in times of economic downturn.

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