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AusCorp Connect: Does Travelling Make You A More Successful in Business?

After reading an article on the relationship between travel and success, Auscorp Connect share their views, and explain how their Managing Director John Hanley, traveled to Australia in the pursuit of new business opportunities.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, February 21, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Travelling to new destinations and experiencing new cultures, often having to learn to communicate with people who don't speak the same language, forces people outside their comfort zones. Travelling also provides invaluable life experience that can't be taught. The Forbes article cites a Brightpark Edu-Travel report, conducted in October 2011, that states 94% of business leaders in America believe travel experience directly translates to a competitive advantage in the workplace.

About AusCorp Connect:

Travelling has genuine tangible benefits including;

Learning the ability to adapt. Travel, like business, often involves changing plans and finding ways to adapt to new environments. Flight delays, lost luggage etc can be stressful at the time, however these circumstances are real-life teaching moments. AusCorp Connect believe the one thing every entrepreneur or business person needs to learn is flexibility and experiences while travelling can shape how someone handles these situations in the workplace.

Better communication. Communication is what AusCorp Connect specialises in. The art of communication is vital for marketing success. Learning how body language and taking control impacts conversations is one thing travelling entrepreneurs will find that later helps shape how they communicate and network with peers.

Teamwork skills. Travelling is often done in groups and therefore one of the big advantages can be learning to work in a team, another vital skill for the workplace. According to Ute Sonnenberg, founder of African safari provider Roho Ya Chui, "New experiences in foreign environments allow people to grow in ways they never thought possible." Someone being forced to rely on others' strengths and compromise their own desires for the betterment of the group teaches teamwork.

Time management. Time management is a vital skill for every entrepreneur. AusCorp Connect's MD John Hanley believes 'Being able to maximise the day to generate better productivity is a key skill for any business owner'. Logistically, travelling is all about time management. From getting to the airport on time to making time to experience local cultures and tourist attractions. This skill obviously translates back to business and instils a better sense of time management in those who have extensive experience travelling.

Networking. Entrepreneurs can use travelling as a networking tool. It allows someone to build relationships with people they might not usually have the chance to encounter, this new network can come in extremely handy when someone is starting a new venture. It also helps strengthen networking skills by forcing someone out of their comfort zone.

Leadership. These skills can result in becoming a better leader. Travelling teaches leadership every step of the way, managing itineraries, making decisions for the group and interacting with people around them. This ability to lead while travelling will benefit an entrepreneur in future.

AusCorp Connect was started by UK born John Hanley and one of his fundamental beliefs is that travelling is something everyone should experience, whether for business or personal. They regularly travel to conferences all across Australia, attending industry events. 2015 will also offer the workforce at AusCorp Connect to attend some events in the UK and USA. These events provide tremendous networking links and help build relationships that can be utilized in the future.

AusCorp Connect is one of Australia's most ambitious and dynamic outsourcing provider. If you're looking for more customers, more exposure or more sales the firm's flexible services can be personalised to meet a huge range of client needs. The firm's 'no win-no fee' policy makes them highly cost-effective, and they can work with any budget without compromising on quality, treating all clients with the same five star service.

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