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How Important is a Degree in Today's Business World? LVE Enterprises Investigates

It's a question that has been raised a lot in business; do young entrepreneurs need a degree to succeed? Sales and marketing firm LVE Enterprises investigates.

    CORK, IRELAND, February 25, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There has long been a debate as to whether 'street smarts' or a university degree is more beneficial to entrepreneurial success, and it would seem looking at a glance that both have their pros and cons. LVE Enterprise, a cork based sales and marketing firm believe that in many ways having a degree can help budding entrepreneurs get ahead, as long as they have the correct mind set and drive to go with it. A degree from a good university can certainly help in the early stage of business, as it can help to convince investors that an entrepreneur is worth their time and money. The university experience can also help a young person build a strong work ethic as it exposes them to the importance of working to a deadline and helps them develop important time management skills which are a vital attribute in business.

About LVE Enterprise:

However, the firm also believe there are drawbacks to the university route. University is incredibly expensive and many graduates start their business careers with debt which can limit their initial growth opportunities and prevent them from fulfilling their full potential. In many cases, university also fails to prepare young people for the realities of business, meaning that those who chose to bypass university in favour of real work experience are often more equipped to cope with decision making and business management. LVE Enterprises therefore believe that it's important for budding entrepreneurs to take a frank look at what it is they would like to achieve and weigh up all the pros and cons before making a decision as to which path to take. The firm have offered their guide to the questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves before investing in a university degree:

What type of business do you want to start? - Some industries require the expert knowledge that can only be obtained through a university level qualification.

What other educational options are out there? - Some aspects of business do require a little expert training, such as accounting or marketing however it's not always necessary to take a lengthy course in these areas. There are plenty of part time adult education or online courses which an entrepreneur can complete which can save time and money.

What are the advantages of University? - University can offer networking opportunities and link graduates up with potential investors and mentors. However not all universities provide this support therefore it's important for budding entrepreneurs to conduct adequate research before enrolling.

How much will it all cost? - If an entrepreneur is lucky enough to have the funds to pay for university themselves, LVE Enterprise believes it's important for them to weigh up all the costs, in case their money could be better spent by being directly invested into their business idea.

LVE Enterprise is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that provides businesses across Ireland with superior event marketing solutions. As experts in customer acquisition, the firm work closely with their clients in order to develop a personalised customer experience that promotes customer loyalty and drives sales. LVE Enterprise believes that although a degree can be important there are many other desirable skills in business that can't be acquired through a degree. The firm are especially supportive of non-academic skills such as those gained through playing team sports, and believe that within the sales and marketing industry these skills can give entrepreneurs the motivation and competitive edge needed to excel.

LVE Enterprises are direct marketing specialists that work on behalf of their clients' brands to generate quality leads and deliver a high ROI.

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