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Langley Daycare, Rainforest Learning Centre Daycare Helping to Ensure Your Home is Safe for Kids

Hazards around the home may not be immediately recognizable, like a toy car at the top of a stairwell; however some hazards are not as easily identifiable. How educated are you?

    LANGLEY, BC, February 25, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Langley Daycare provider, Rainforest Learning Centre Daycare ( has seen and witnessed many hazards over the years between their two daycare locations combined with some of their own personal experiences. "Between the length of time we've been in business, our two locations and my own little one, we have seen almost everything imaginable as far as potential hazards," said Jennifer, owner of Rainforest Learning Centre Daycare in Langley. She continued, "We really feel strong on sharing this information and knowledge with parents to minimize the potential for any hazards, mishaps or accidents around the home. Most people have probably heard about the most recent unfortunate accident of a toddler wandering out of his home in the middle of the night to not make it back. This could happy to any parent with a young one tall enough to reach a lock. This also may have been prevented by a simple door chain out of a child's reach."

Rainforest Learning Centre Daycare in Langley continually looks around the web for helpful information to share with their audience on their website. "We just recently completed a three part safety segment on hazards around the home, however have come across more information that we will also be posting shortly," continued Jennifer. The information to date has been very well accepted by parents, and may be found at: ... d-daycare/.

As adults without dependents it is easy to forget about the simple things that could easily be a hazard for a young toddler like access to drawers that contain scissors, knives, forks and other sharp tools. How about your dishwasher, does it have a lock so your child cannot open it and reach for any knives? Are your medications and vitamins in a high cabinet that is out of reach for kids? Are chairs and step stools kept away from the stove?

We have barely scratched the surface and only mentioned a few potential hazards in the kitchen! "New parents really need to change their thinking and start to recognize what some hazards may look like. We are currently working on a follow up safety segment that will be posted to our website shortly," mentioned Jennifer.

About Rainforest Learning Centre Langley Daycare & Coquitlam
Rainforest Learning Centre Daycare in Langley, with space currently available, has been in the childcare business providing services since 1996 and 2007 for our Coquitlam daycare location. Rainforest daycare also provides infant toddler care in our Coquitlam location along with before and after school care in both locations. Everything about Rainforest, from our philosophy to our testimonials, illustrates how we meet the needs of our two most important clients - you and your child.

Rainforest Daycare's philosophy is to connect with the community to the benefit of all involved: the child, the parent, Rainforest's staff members, and community members associated with the centres (e.g. local schools, licensing agencies, and professional associations). Rainforest works hard to create a supportive and caring environment for the children, one in which resources are shared amongst parents and care providers.

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