All Press Releases for April 02, 2015

RCBA's Senior VP Ron Sturgeon Issues Whitepaper about Improving Current System for Auctioning Dogs Retired by Breeders

Whitepaper Intended to Spark Discussion of Sensible Rules to Govern Breeders Who Retire More than 6 Dogs per Year

Ron has done a great job of building this strawman to bring attention to the issue of auction of dogs retired from breeding." --RCBA President Hue Grant

    FORT WORTH, TX, April 2, 2015 - Ron Sturgeon, Founder and Senior VP of Reform Canine Breeding and Auctions (RCBA) has written a whitepaper about improving the current system of auctions of entitled "Dog's Retired by Breeders & Dog Auctions: What We Should Do."

"Many of these dogs are sick or disabled and should not be bred," said Sturgeon. "At the same time, they need to go where they will get the quality veterinary care they need."

Rescue groups should be wary, said Sturgeon, about continuing the current auction paradigm. The current paradigm under which rescues bid large sums to get dogs retiring from breeding "encourages more auctions of retired dogs and isn't cost effective," said Sturgeon. Sturgeon wrote an earlier posting about the auction of Cavaliers (Are We Winning the Battle but Losing the War: Reflections on Rescue Groups' Bidding at the Missouri Auction) and the potential consequences. Read it by clicking on the title.

"Ron has done a great job of building this strawman to bring attention to the issue of auction of dogs retired from breeding," said RCBA's President Hue Grant. "He also has given us some thoughts about how to approach the issue pragmatically," added Grant.

The whitepaper's highlights include that any breeding operation that retires six or more dogs per year should be required to turn the dogs over to non-profit rescue groups, groups that use the dogs as therapy dogs, or public, government-owned shelters. The breeder and groups or shelters would negotiate the terms, including any compensation, privately.

Private sale or auction of retired dogs would have these requirements:
• A licensed veterinarian examines the dog and issues a certificate of health.
• A licensed veterinarian spays or neuters the dog
• The dog has a microchip
• If a retired dog is so sick or disabled that it must be euthanized, only a licensed veterinarian should perform the procedure.

Ron Sturgeon's full dog auction whitepaper is available on the RCBA website: RCBA is seeking volunteers interested in improving conditions for dogs bred for profit.

Reform Canine Breeders and Auctions:
Reform Canine Breeders and Auctions (RCBA) is committed to the goal of ensuring that dogs bred for profit are shown kindness, treated humanely, and bred using only medically sound practices. To learn about volunteer opportunities, connect on Facebook or at RCBA's website.

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