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BP: Caught on Tape

The untold story behind the capping of the gulf oil spill

    VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, April 20, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- On April 20, 2010, British Petroleum's Deepwater Horizon has a cataclysmic explosion that causes 70,000 to 90,000 barrels of oil a day to flow into the surrounding environment. For months BP fumbles with impractical and ineffective concepts to stop the leak - such as filling the broken pipe (which is spewing oil under massive pressure) with mud, and placing metal caps over the jagged edges of the broken pipe. On June 10, 2010, a confidentially communicated capping design that described the essential device to successfully cap the BP Gulf oil leak was sent to Admiral Thad Allen by a former U.S. naval intelligence officer (Click Here for copy of email). This same design was then used to successfully cap the BP Golf oil spill on July 11, 2010; a spill which was costing British Petroleum (BP) a reported one billion dollars a month in failed attempts to contain the leak--and which was causing massive ecological damage to the entire surrounding environment for over two months-effecting over 4,000 miles of coastline.

The BP Golf Oil spill dwarfed the infamous Exxon Valdez oil spill by nearly 200 million gallons of oil (Exxon Valdez spilled only 11 million gallons of oil compared to the 206 million gallons of oil spilled in the Gulf (Click Here for additional statistics from the Earth Justice Organization website).

6/10/10: Admiral Thad Allen (the Federal Incident Coordinator for Deep Water Horizons Gulf oil spill) is sent a letter with all the design details for the "Rubber Capping Device" directly to his personal email at (email not appropriate for public dissemination).
7/10/10: The old failed BP capping device is removed.

7/11/10: The "Rubber Capping Device" described in detail in the letter to Admiral Thad Allen is lowered into place (CLICK HERE to view - to download image CLICK HERE). However, no press information regarding the capping by the rubber capping device on 7/11/10 was released to the media - only the 24 hour camera on the site captured the event, which is viewable in the link provided above.

7/12/10: After the successful capping of the oil leak on July 11th, a second device (a control valve) is lowered over the "Rubbing Capping Device" and the image is distributed to the media with a press release from BP, which ignores the successful capping of the leak with the rubber capping device the day before.

A former naval intelligence officer, Garrett Stewart Sayre, who worked extensively in developing top secret anti-terrorist strategies for the Joint Chief of Staff during his tour of duty, was the individual responsible for providing Admiral Thad Allen with the design that successfully capped the leak; however, he was never even contacted after the fact. With all the above information considered, one has to wonder: (1) did Admiral Thad Allen (the Federal Incident Coordinator for Deep Water Horizons' Gulf oil spill) simply ignore this vital information sent to his direct confidential personal email or; (2) did Admiral Allen notify BP of the design and the design was used to successfully plug the leak?

If BP had actually thought of the rubber capping device design, why wouldn't BP want this information to be publicized and lauded in the global media? However, instead of releasing a press release on the subject - BP remained silent (although the 24 hour camera on the broken pipe caught the rubber capping device being lowered into place. Could it be that certain BP executives simply did not want to admit that it was ultimately a U.S. citizen that designed the device that finally stopped the catastrophic leak caused by British Petroleum after they had demonstrated months of abject incompetence? Or, could it be possible that they were concerned about the PR repercussions of not having been able to solve their own problems after causing such tremendous damage to over 4,000 miles of the U.S. coastline?
You decide!

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