All Press Releases for April 28, 2015

Fit3D - Leaders in 3D Body Scanning Technology - Have Announced Equinox Chicago as their Newest Customer

Following purchases earlier this year for their Palo Alto and New York locations, Equinox has purchased a Fit3D ProScanner to enhance their E and T4 Membership offering in their Chicago location.

"The Fit3D ProScanner allows you to look at a visual approximation of yourself," says Rolando Garcia, Manager of Equinox's E Program.

    REDWOOD CITY, CA, April 28, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Fit3D ProScanner will provide Equinox's exclusive membership with innovative technology that captures a 360 degree, 3D image of the human body, extracting the most commonly used measurements tracked for fitness progress, all with just a 40 second scan. The Fit3D Web Platform securely stores this data, allowing users to track their fitness progress by comparing up to three scans, side-by-side.

Rolando Garcia, Manager of Equinox's E Program, is pleased to cement the existing relationship with Fit3D, citing the benefits the technology has for both members and trainers as explained in their recent Forbes write up; "The last true luxury we have in this millennium is the ability to control our own health," explains Garcia. "That's the real luxury we offer here at E: How healthy are you? And how much of a priority do you want to put that at, and how much support do you need? And that support is what you get here."

The writer goes on to explain that Fit3D's body-scanning technology allows both the E member and their T4 coach the ability to have a 3D view of the member's anatomy, offering an objective baseline of various body measurements to craft their program around. The Fit3D ProScanner captures and unlocks each member's unique fitness story; detailing how they got to where they are now, and providing the kind of unique, visual feedback that keeps members in control of where the the rest of their wellness journey goes. Equinox T4 coaches work with the member to determine the best plan of action based on this data.

The Fit3D ProScanner continues to show feedback based on the user's measurements and 3D image, even when the weight scale or other traditional assessment methods stop showing change. For example; as people continue to exercise, they may see an increase in muscle and a decrease in fat; however muscle is more dense than fat and fitness progress is typically not reflected on the weight scale objectively at this point and can lead to loss in motivation.

"The Fit3D ProScanner allows you to look at a visual approximation of yourself," says Garcia in a recent Q Blog write up. "We want to move people away from looking at data as good or bad and move the conversation to somewhere where it becomes limitless: 'if that's how you look, then how do you feel?'"

"The mission of our two brands align perfectly," says Greg Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Fit3D. "Fit3D wants to showcase your progress towards your unique journey to wellness. To Equinox, the body is the ultimate investment. They believe it takes equal parts inspiration and information to get you to commit - and that's what Fit3D helps with."

Moore is pleased with the feedback the Fit3D ProScanner has received from the New York and Palo Alto Equinox locations; "The Fit3D ProScanner has become an essential tool to the E Members in New York and San Francisco. We can't wait to unveil this technology to Chicago."


Fit3D is the leader in 3D body scanning technology for the fitness industry. The Fit3D ProScanner is body scanning technology that allows people to evaluate their body shape and fitness progress over time in three dimensional form. Fit3D's mission is to drive passion into people's nutrition and workout plans and to keep them engaged in fitness by showing them the honest results of their hard work, unachievable with traditional assessment tools.


Equinox operates 73 upscale, full-service clubs in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Dallas and Washington, DC, as well as international locations in London and Toronto. The company offers an integrated selection of Equinox-branded programs, services and products, including strength and cardio training, studio classes, personal training, spa services and products, apparel and food/juice bars. Since its inception in 1991, Equinox has developed a lifestyle brand that represents service, value, quality, expertise, innovation, attention to detail, market leadership and results. IT'S NOT FITNESS. IT'S LIFE.

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