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Apollo Enterprise Inc: Could Entrepreneurs Cure Income Inequality?

With large numbers of people in the US still living on the breadline, income inequality is still a hot topic. Apollo Enterprise Inc looks at how entrepreneurship could close the gap of income equality.

    JERSEY CITY, NJ, June 03, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- President Obama has openly voiced his concerns over income inequality in America, and a great deal of people agree that many of the nation's poorer citizens are struggling to achieve a better quality of life in the current climate. Many believe that the issues surrounding America's income inequality lies in the fact that many people simply do not have the opportunity for advancement and development. Access to quality education can vary from region to region, whilst the ever increasing costs of college have closed many doors to young people throughout the country. Even if a person is successful in obtaining a degree from a top school, there is no guarantee that they will use their qualifications to do something meaningful, such as set up a business so that they can create more work opportunities for others and help to create a more flourishing job market. Whilst some believe that the idea of meritocracy will result in hard working people no matter what their background will get accepted in to the top schools and make a name for themselves, Apollo Enterprise Inc. are unconvinced that this is actually happening. The firm are concerned that people from less privileged backgrounds are becoming disillusioned by the US job market.

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However the firm believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that any individual willing to work hard has the potential to achieve success. Apollo Enterprise Inc. believes that entrepreneurship could be the answer to ending income inequality. The firm has seen an increase in entrepreneurial education throughout the US, and with much of this education being offered to children, young people are now developing the confidence that they can achieve irrespective of their financial background. With the rise of crowd funding sites and with investors more willing to fund new projects starting a business is now more accessible to those who lack the capital to start up in their own.

Apollo Enterprise Inc. also believes that entrepreneurship has the potential to lower income inequality through the creation of more exciting opportunities. Two-thirds of new jobs in the US are being created by firms that are less than five years old, and with the rate of growth of new businesses currently being high, workers employed by these businesses are often able to progress through the company far quicker than in more established businesses. Apollo Enterprise Inc. has witnessed this first hand, the firm have experienced incredible growth due to the demand for direct marketing services in the US. This growth has allowed them to increase their recruitment drive and offer development opportunities to help their representative's progress through the ranks and support the firm's expansion. By offering guidance and mentoring to their representatives Apollo Enterprise Inc. hope to help create the next generation of new business leaders who will one day open their own businesses and offer the same opportunities to even more talented young people.

Apollo Enterprise Inc. is a New Jersey based sales and event marketing firm. Specializing in direct face to face communications the firm help their clients to improve customer relationships and build meaningful connections with consumers. This more personal approach to marketing increases their clients ROI and helps them to achieve a positive reputation and prominent position on the marketplace.

Apollo Enterprise Inc. is a brand new marketing firm located in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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