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Humbleness is the Power that Generates Wisdom and Creates an Emotionally Healthy Brain

Humbleness is the most misunderstood force in the universe.

    WASHINGTON, DC, June 09, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Humbleness is the most misunderstood force in the universe. You can imagine when one of the leading expert on emotional intelligence like David Brooks has got it wrong when he describes humbleness as feeling less of yourself. It is not about feeling less or more of your self; it is about effortlessly feeling the sheer power/goodness/purity/health/pure-happiness, with all its benefits that humbleness generates.

Humbleness is the most powerful force of human nature. It is the face of selflessness. Selflessness is wisdom and wisdom is selflessness. Humbleness is wisdom and wisdom is humbleness. As wisdom is none other than emotional intelligence; humbleness is emotional intelligence. Emotional-intelligence/wisdom springs from an emotionally healthy brain. Thus humbleness is the litmus test of an emotionally healthy person.

Girls are superior to boys in emotional intelligence only because they are brought up humble; while boys are brought up over confident and even macho. Thus we bring up our girls emotionally healthy and our boys emotionally challenged. No wonder the vast majority of emotionally challenged behavior; that is most of the damage to society is committed by boys.

The biggest cause of crime, corruption, drug addictions, greed, abuse, rivalries, unhappiness is the arrogance/ignorance generated by the phony overconfidence generated by machoness. Thus the only sure route to bringing down crime, corruption etc. is to ensure humble parenting in our young and brain therapy for the old. Cultivating machoness in place of humbleness results in the individual becoming emotionally challenged.

Raising one's child as humble or macho is a matter of choice. President Obama and our lawmakers must wake up America to choose humbleness as the fundamental upbringing goal. America must be made aware of the dangers of raising our children as phony champions.

Machoness generates arrogance that alters the self identity of the person from being emotionally healthy to emotionally challenged. Just this simple and clear cut chance of creating humbleness/humanness instead of arrogance/animalness will transform America into an emotionally healthy nation.

Another huge tragic mistake we make in parenting is that we create an emotionally unhealthy trophy self image in both the girls and boys by ingraining the false belief that each one is the best. Look at how Tiger Woods' dad raised Tiger. His dad did not tell Tiger that he is the best; he made him become the best. This simple change in upbringing will transform America into a nation of emotional health champions.

Unless our leaders transform American upbringing traditions we will remain the #1 emotionally challenged society in the world. Just imagine we are already #1 in mind/regular education; if we also become #1 in emotional health education/parenting; we will become the most wealthy, happy and healthy nation in the history of the world.

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