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Tathata Golf Introduces the Tathata 60-Day In-Home Golf Training Program

30 Years of Training, 5 Years of Testing Culminates in Learning System being called Revolutionary and Refreshing by Golf Industry Insiders

"After 30 years of training and five years of testing, we are proud to introduce you to the world's first 60-Day in-home training program for the game of golf," said Bryan Hepler, Founder.

    SCOTTSDALE, AZ, June 11, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Tathata, A Golf Instruction and Education Company today announced the launch of the world's first 60-Day In-Home Golf Training Program, The Tathata Golf 60-Day Program. The culmination of 30 years of training, and 5 years of testing, the Tathata 60-Day Program is designed to help players learn and improve at a rapid pace using a unique in-home learning system on their TV, desktop or mobile device. Built much like a martial art, the program offers users a way to learn all of the intricacies of each part of the game in a simple new way over the course of 60 days. Golfers can easily progress through a strategically built path of learning to understand and build the movements of the world's greatest players and athletes combined with timeless teachings from the ancient world of martial arts, teaching students how to build, store and move energy within the body, hands and arms.

"After 30 years of training and five years of testing, we are proud to introduce you to the world's first 60-Day in-home training program for the game of golf," said Bryan Hepler, Developer and Founder of Tathata Golf. "The Tathata 60-Day Program is complete mind, body and swing training for golfers of all ages and ability levels. In addition to learning several different concepts and fundamentals never before talked about in the game of golf, you are also given a way to build these into your own game over the course of 60 days from the comfort of your own home."

Through the 60-Day Training Program, golfers will learn over 140 incredibly detailed but easy to perform movements through 15 different movement routines to build their full swing, short game and putting motions. The movements and routines are strategically introduced at different points throughout the program, leading students to being able to control a variety of speeds, shapes and trajectories with each club in their bag. These movement routines introduce golfers to a completely new way to train and improve within the game of golf without needing to hit a golf ball or even go to the course, allowing full swing, short game and putting motions to all rapidly improve at a speed rarely seen in the game of golf but common to martial arts and other sports.

Having been a student in the program, Gary McCord, CBS Sports Analyst, Professional Golfer has become a Tathata Unpaid Brand Ambassador, "Bryan's deep understanding of natural body movements, through the eyes of the Samurai, made it 'real' to me. I have seen every form of golf instruction, and this is not only revolutionary, but refreshing."

Throughout the program golfers will also be introduced to movements of the world's greatest major champions and greatest athletes of all-time and how their movements relate directly to the movements they are learning and performing. One of the most unique and special parts of the program, these videos also offer users a completely new way to look at the pictures and videos of these great players and athletes and help golfers realize that these movements, once understood, are not difficult to perform.

"I believe in what he teaches. There are commonalities that the greatest players have always had that are being missed today and they are being missed by a wide mark. What he is doing is correcting golf instruction," stated Brandel Chamblee, Golf Channel Analyst, Professional Golfer, and an Unpaid Tathata Ambassador.

At the end of many of the movement routines golfers will be exposed to a very unique form of mental training. This mental training will stimulate the central nervous system and create change all the way down to the cellular level. Sitting and standing mental training exercises come alongside and conclude each day of the program and are very similar to the training used by the most advanced martial artists for thousands of years and some of the mentally strongest athletes of all time. These types of exercises are completely new and unique to modern sports psychology and will shift many people's beliefs of what they commonly thought they understood about meditation.

"If there is one part of the training program that helps the most for creating new and different outcomes on and off the golf course, it is the mental training discussions and exercises," said Hepler. "Very different than what is commonly thought of as relaxing meditation exercises, these 12 mental training exercises are more mental strength building exercises than they are mediation."

Delivered through some of the most advanced online educational software, the Tathata 60-Day Training Program provides golfers with the comprehensive tools for mastering the physical and mental world of golf. The 60 days of training can also be purchased in an additional 30-DVD pack. Golfers who have completed the Tathata 60-Day Training Program and would like to build upon their Tathata training foundation, can continue their development at the World Class Home Campus facilities in Scottsdale, AZ through the Tathata Golf Graduate School that offers a 2-1/2 day live training experience. The live training experience allows golfers to embrace the true essence and feelings of Tathata at the Tathata Golf Home Campus. Unlike anything seen in the game of golf, these pristine indoor and outdoor training facilities provide the perfect place and atmosphere to deepen Tathata training principles. In order to ensure a quality and effective experience for all students, completion of the core 60-Day Program foundation is a prerequisite to attending a Tathata 2-1/2 day live training experience.

About Tathata:
Founded by Bryan Hepler of Hepler Golf LLC, Tathata is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since 2010, the company has been strategically developing the Tathata brand, products, facility and logistics to offer a unique and innovative Mind, Body, Swing and Life line of products. The company has unprecedented support and strength from individuals and organizations in the game of golf. The overall mission of Tathata is to help golfers and instructors everywhere become their greatness through unique practices designed to build strength within their golf game as well as their total life. For further details about Tathata Golf and the 60-Day In-home Training Program log on to

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