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XDepth revealed - and it's free to download

Trellis Management Co. Ltd. launches XDepth, a next-generation digital imaging software solution that is fully compatible with the popular Jpeg format

    Wednesday, 13th February, 2008 - Trellis Management Co. Ltd. announces XDepth - The compatible high-depth image format.

XDepth is a revolutionary digital imaging technology bringing High-Depth and High Dynamic Range features to the general public at no cost.

Recent attempts to convey new technologies through new image formats did not solved one of the key issues with today's digital imaging: compatibility.
There are millions of applications supporting Jpeg natively on all platforms while any new image format being introduced needs normally to be supported by each and all existing applications in order to become a de-facto standard.

On such terms XDepth is already a de-facto standard being fully compatible with the Jpeg format while introducing High Dynamic Range capabilities.

Through the dedicated website - - Windows and Mac users can download the "XDepth HDR" File Format Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop free of charge.

With "XDepth HDR" it is now possible to compress High Dynamic Range images at usual Jpeg compression rates while maintaining compatibility with all existing applications.
XDepth HDR files in fact are readable by any web browser, photo retouching software, image viewing and browsing application, and generally by any software supporting Jpeg.

Website owners can provide real-time exposure control on HDR photos within their web galleries using the "XDepth ActiveX Control" for Internet Explorer, also available free of charge.

Future versions of XDepth will expand even further into High-Depth digital imaging allowing for typical high precision uses while keeping Jpeg compatibility.

About Trellis Management:

Trellis Management Co. Ltd. is a privately held company focused on technology IP's licensing, acquisition and sale.

Trellis Management is not related nor affiliated with the Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG).

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