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Forty-Two Young Leaders were Inducted into The 13th Man at the Inaugural Summer Classic where Entrepreneur E. Davon Kelly Announced a Matching Savings Program for Participants

E. Davon Kelly kicked off nonprofit, the 13th Man, at a leadership development event (July 22-25). Sixteen business men and women shared their wisdom with the 42 participants, including financial responsibility, deportment and conflict resolution.

It taught me so many ways to enter manhood and stay on the path towards success. I learned how to provide a firm handshake, how to tie a tie, and how to budget and save [money]." Khalil, 16 years old

    GREENBELT, MD, July 30, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Greenbelt Marriott served as the home-base for 42 young men, ages 12 to 17, who participated in the inaugural 13th Man Summer Classics this past weekend. Entrepreneur, E. Davon Kelly held the idea of the 13th Man as a dream for many years, "Last year, I developed my dream into a nonprofit organization that will equip young men for success through leadership development, mentoring and understanding how to apply the fundamentals of team play in daily decision-making. This year we kicked off the Summer Classics with a trip to see the Washington Nationals play. Next year, we will engage the participants in team sports along with classroom activities."

Sixteen speakers and panelists shared life lessons and the wisdom that led to their success; all provided unique perspectives on how to become successful men. During the two and one-half day event, participants reflected on a variety of topics that included best practices for handling yourself around law enforcement to creating a successful life after imprisonment. According to Ernest, a 16 year old self-described 'hot-head', the conflict resolution workshop made him think about how he needs to control his emotions after hearing how the speaker's emotional response to a situation almost cost him his life.

Sixteen-year-old Khalil summarized the program, "It taught me so many ways to enter manhood and stay on the path towards success. I learned how to provide a firm handshake, how to tie a tie, how to budget, and how to save [money]. This is a great program for others to experience."

A 13th Man principle is for students to learn concepts and then put what they learn into action. For example, a favorite workshop of many participants was a financial management workshop conducted by Marlon Moore, Vice President Supplier Diversity of Huntington Bank. At the end of the workshop, Davon Kelly announced that he would match deposits made by the students who take the initiative to open a bank account. According to a 2013 survey sponsored by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), one in four households reported obtaining either transactional products or credit from non-bank providers in the prior 12 months. "Grocery, liquor, convenience, or drug stores" were the most common locations reported for obtaining transaction alternative financial services. Davon Kelly added, "At the 13th Man, we are providing the tools to be successful and fiscally responsible."

Believing that there is no better advertisement for the program than the participants, Kelly provided a 10% incentive to participants who help the new organization identify sponsors for the upcoming 13th Man Charity Golf Tournament on October 5th at the Country Club at Woodmore. The inaugural event was free to participants and sponsored entirely by Davon Kelly. Next year, Kelly plans to invite the participants back for an enhanced program and a new class of 'freshmen' will be introduced to the 13th Man. His goal is to engage 80 participants in the program. In addition to the Summer Classics, participants will attend quarterly enrichment workshops.

Davon Kelly, who is the President and CEO of NOVAD Management Consulting and the owner of My Barber's Lounge, has taught the value of team and sportsmanship as an assistant varsity basketball coach at Episcopal High School since 2003. Mr. Kelly is also the author of From Courtside to the Boardroom: A Legacy in the Making, where he shares his wisdom and experience both on and off the court. Inspired by the book, Davon Kelly founded The 13th Man to provide training, mentoring, and leadership development and enrichment activities that will equip young men with the necessary tools to move from feelings of inadequacy to being in the 'starting lineup'. Proceeds from book sales are donated to the 13th Man.

Participate in the 13th Man by downloading the workshops at The cost for each download is $5.00. All proceeds are donated to the 13th Man.

About The 13th Man: For a young man, being a part of a team is bigger than the sport. The team provides a support system that includes teammates, coaches, and fans, all of whom encourage and cheer for the player's success. As you know, a basketball team is comprised of twelve players: five starters and seven other players. Then, there's the 13th man: the young man who did not make the team. What happens to him? Where are the enrichment and personal development activities that come from being a part of a team? Our organization, The 13th Man, provides enrichment activities throughout the year to catapult potential sideliners into superstars!

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Testimonial Excerpt from the 2015 13th Man Summer Classic