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Vozel Inc: Skydiving Vs. Entrepreneurship

Sales and marketing firm Vozel Inc, provide advice to entrepreneurs to avoid terrifying moments in business.

    DETROIT, MI, August 06, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Vozel Inc knows that most entrepreneurs are not jumping out of airplanes, but the feeling is the same when a person ventures out on their own within business. The moment right before a person makes a decision to build something of their own or launch an idea is the hardest - just like the 3 seconds before jumping out of a plane when there is fear in your head and a deafening sound in your soul. These moments leading up will test an entrepreneur in ways they did not think possible and it is important to not let a few seconds of fear, self-judgement, or 'what ifs' derail you.

About Vozel Inc.:

Wayne Washington, Managing Director and Owner of Vozel Inc outlines his steps to making entrepreneurship an easier experience all round and less like the terrifying moment before jumping out of a plane.

1. Know who your biggest fans are - these are the people that believe in you when you forget to believe in yourself. These are the people who build you up, whom you can bounce ideas off, and above all else, they will be the people who will be there for you when you are having moments of self-doubt. Make sure your surround yourself with these people because they will help you to achieve success faster.

2. Find a mentor - your mentor should be someone more experienced, more successful and who has done it before. This is someone that you admire; find the smartest person you know and soak up as much as you can to help you get where you are going. Success is not an island.

3. Work harder on yourself than on your business or idea - make sure that you become a lifelong learner, because if you stop striving to be better than you were the previous day, your business will plateau and eventually go backwards.

Vozel Inc. are outsourced sales and marketing specialists based in Detroit. They specialize in unique direct marketing campaigns that are designed and implemented on behalf of their clients' brands. They work closely alongside their clients to determine their target market, ideal consumer profile and establish their goals. Then they develop campaigns which are personalized to suit their brand specifically - meaning that no two campaigns are ever the same.

Vozel Inc. are marketing specialists who develop personalized campaigns in order to generate quality leads for their clients and are major supporters of entrepreneurship, providing opportunities for business savvy individuals to learn and develop entrepreneurial skills within the sales and marketing industry.

Vozel Inc. are marketing specialists who develop personalized campaigns in order to generate quality leads for their clients.

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