All Press Releases for August 14, 2015

leoLED Launches iSpectrum LED Grow Light Series

iSpectrum LED Grow Light to offer growers an intelligent, efficient and flexible lighting system for indoor gardening

Plants grow better and faster with leoLED's powerful, precise and efficient LED Grow Lights.

    ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, August 14, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- On August 12th, 2015, emerging horticultural lighting professionals, leoLED announced the official launch of its flagship product: the iSpectrum LED Grow Light. This state of the art LED horticultural fixture was created to provide users with an alternative to the mass-produced and rebranded inferior products currently available on the market.

The iSpectrum Series is a 84 Watt modular LED grow light system with spectral distribution ranging from 410nm to 740nm. The iSpectrum is equipped with two manually adjustable spectral channels. The iSpectrum Pro's five spectral channels can be individually adjusted, allowing for custom intensities and spectral distributions. The control and scheduling features are all conducted through leoLED's iOS and Android App, which is a further advancement to the industry. Besides providing the choice of tailoring the output spectrum to the specific crop for accelerated growth, the "Sleep Mode" manipulates a photochromic response, putting plants to sleep faster, and making the dormant phase of the plants shorter. The user can then increase the lighting cycle, thereby increasing production and yield. This scientifically proven feature is unique to leoLED horticultural lights.

leoLED brings grow lights that give the users the performance, flexibility, and precision they need. From the sophisticated heatsink that keeps the high power CREE & Osram LED silently cool, to the system that is used to deliver power and control spectral channels independently, the iSpectrum is designed and engineered to give professional as well as home growers a valuable advantage. The hanging rail system allows the users to maintain a greater coverage of photosynthetic active radiation over the cultivation area.

In an age where much space is lost to urban development, indoor horticulture is quickly becoming a popular pursuit. Greenhouses and indoor grow spaces equipped with artificial lighting will play an important role in the cultivation of plants and food for the human population in years to come. From the hobby to the commercial level, the iSpectrum is a smart choice for a wide range of applications including indoor gardening and commercial greenhouses. The iSpectrum LED will be available for purchase immediately. Shipping dates are estimated to be by latest September 31st.

The bold and beautiful Leo, the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, is a symbol of power and leadership. The Leo perfectly exemplifies leoLED's commitment to not only meeting, but exceeding, global horticultural lighting standards. leoLED is on it's way to combine superior and efficient lighting technology, intelligent features and plant science, focusing on performance and reliable operation, efficiency, and results--all at affordable prices.

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