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An Open Letter to Senator Booker: It Seems You Are Not Concerned With or Bothered by the Fact That You Have Squandered the Chance to Reform Education

Not only have you failed your promise to make Newark Schools the showcase for success; your failure has stumped Zuckerberg & others to dump you.

    WASHINGTON, DC, September 28, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Your failure is not only a failure for Newark; it is a failure for all education. As a senator you have a chance to redeem yourself not just for Newark but for the whole country. You are probably one of the ten most powerful politicians in the country. You even have the ear of President Obama.

The question is in spite of the fact that I correctly predicted the failure of spending all of the $200 million on just mind education; are you still going to ignore my advice? I am saying that you still have the chance to reform education by introducing a new subject that NURTURES wisdom/emotional-health of the young through WISE PARENTING and HEALS the EMOTIONAL HEALTH of all others through BRAIN THERAPY.

Just imagine giving $1000.00 a day to numerous consults and getting the same old tired, tried and failed advice of reforming education through better mind education when it is the miseducated brains that need re-education.

I offered my consultation for free and even though you promised me a meeting it never happened. So you have time for putting on the table for discussion the same old, same old failed solutions but you do not have time for my path to WISDOM/EMOTIONAL-HEALTH/BRAIN EDUCATION. Let me ask you; will your next brainstorming session on improving MIND EDUCATION produce success?

You gave away close to $20 million for mostly failed advice. With just $1 million I can:

1. Create text books that nurture emotional health in the young and the old.

2. Create guidelines for further research.

3. Create 20+ apps related to brain education. I have already constructed two of the foundational apps that are essential for brain education:

a) Wise Parenting and b) Emotional Health (More are on the way)

4. I have already created the plan for the infrastructure that will produce a wise society.

5. Create and promote all apps on BRAIN EDUCATION; including my apps.

6. Organize a conference on Brain Education.

You probably are still not going to listen to me as I have no qualifications. Let me show you why I am more qualified than the consultants that you hired and listened to. I grew up extremely shy and nervous. I was prone to panic attacks. I was suicidal. One day I heard someone call me a schizophrenic. First I felt insulted and angry then I realized that I have this disease and as it is a disease there must be a cure. So I tried to learn everything I could about schizophrenia. I was disappointed that there was nothing clear cut and it was all confusing. So I started researching schizophrenia and I found that it starts in the fetus stage. Just as a small child subjected to physical pain becomes neurotic a fetus that experiences conscious pain in the womb becomes prone to developing schizophrenia. I was the first person in the world to publish a paper on the cause of schizophrenia even before anyone in the West.

I reasoned that when conscious pain in the womb produces schizophrenia then what does experiencing conscious pleasure produce? I figured out that human nature is constructed by experiencing womb reality. Thus as human nature is learned; it is not cast in stone. It means that if human nature is mislearned then it can be unlearned and healed. It led to creating new concepts like womb-reality and womb-conditioning etc.

Then it dawned on me that I had two personalities. One was generated by the brain and another by the mind. I found that my mind persnality was healthy and my brain persnality was emotionally sick. I identified my self with my mind and with my mind I started mindfully observing my emotionally challenged brain. The more I objectively watched my brain the more it healed. The lessons I learned for myself I discovered had universal applications. So I started publishing my original findings. I now have over 1600 published articles all related to human nature, emotional intelligence, emotional health, wisdom, happiness, emotional baggage etc.

Other experts study sick brains second hand from the outside in; I have studied my own sick brain first hand from the inside in. So you can see I am one of those rare and lucky brain and mind expert who has developed my own original pathway to emotional health via the brain and mind mindfully observing each other from the inside in.

I can go on and on; on the benifits of my work. The bottom line is that America is the #1 emotionally challenged country in the world. It will remain so if leaders like you will continue to focus on improving mind education while being ignorant of brain education.

There are just three actions I want you to take:

1. Organize a conference on Brain Education.

2. Organize a senate hearing on America being the #1 emotionally challenged country in the world.

3. Support my apps with all you got:

a. Wise parenting and b. Emotional Health. (More are on the way)

And can I please get a meeting with you as you promised. Let this meeting be attended by senators who are responsible for education policy.

Yes I have no qualifications to my name but how many PhDs have created real world changing ideas? My basic hypothesis not only explains the cause of human nature it even quantifies the brain and mind and has several world changing applications. I have obtained a US patent on it - E.I.Q. tests (Emotional Intelligence Quotient Tests) US 7029282 B2

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