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Success Is Even Sweeter When You Know the Recipe: The Victory Cycle, a Step-by-Step Guide to Getting What You Want

"One of the biggest roadblocks toward making changes in your life is the belief that it won't work," says Michael Annese, whose new book lays out a practical roadmap for connecting with the powerful potential in every human being.

    BOCA RATON, FL, October 23, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Reading The Victory Cycle, Michael Annese's powerful new blueprint for success through personal transformation, is like looking at a painting with a hidden visual. A shift in focus makes it visible. It produces an "aha moment" when, suddenly, you see things clearly. That's the exact experience author Annese is looking to create for both readers and participants in the coaching seminars he gives about the 7 Progressive Steps to Forge a Lifetime of Everlasting Personal Growth and Change, which happens to be the subtitle of his book.

"One of the biggest roadblocks toward making changes in your life is the belief that it won't work," says Annese, whose new book lays out a practical roadmap for connecting with the powerful potential in every human being. "The Victory Cycle presents an effective system that anyone can use to prove to themselves that change is possible when they're ready to get in touch with the fire within their heart and soul." The fire within is a metaphor that comes naturally for Annese, who serves as a battalion chief for a career fire department in South Florida. "The difference," laughs Annese, is that my day job is putting fires out."

The Victory Cycle lays out a practical step-by-step program that's direct, to the point, and is designed to produce results--quickly. "The principles behind The Victory Cycle are proven to affect the attitudes and behaviors that contribute to--and sometimes prevent--success."

Annese, who says he developed The Victory Cycle after decades of studying personal motivation and betterment, believes in actionable results. "The Victory Cycle is designed to motivate you and help you organize yourself to radically increase your odds of getting what you want out of life."

Victory, in Annese's system, is an acronym for the steps required to achieve a goal. There are seven of them--Vision, Inspiration, Commitment, Timed Steps, Obstacles, Rejoice, and Yearlong Adjustments--that The Victory Cycle lays out in seven progressive steps that the reader is encouraged to absorb at his or her own pace. "Everyone is capable of mastering the steps that lead to success," explains the author whose own stories of personal drive and motivation add a human foundation to a very practical guidebook. "The question is, are you willing to be accountable for your achieving what you want in life?"

If the answer is yes (and The Victory Cycle presents ways to help make sure you get to that answer), the book promises a personal success cycle which, if followed, will lead to overwhelming positive change.

"My driving motivation," says Annese, "is to reach down into peoples' souls and hearts to help brighten that light that shines within them. There's so much potential in each and every one of us." Lest that sound a bit New Age, Annese makes sure to ground The Victory Cycle in solid psychology, invoking, for example, Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" as a basis for his system, and including motivational quotes and wisdom from everyone from Confucius to Vince Lombardi.

The Victory Cycle is uplifting and inspirational. You'll feel good just reading it. Putting its principles and exercises into effect--to deepen your connection to success--is what Annese is all about. "Remember that small fire you have within you," he says. "You've now added the oxygen it needed to burst into flames. Stoke that fire with fuel, let it roar within your heart and soul. Let it out, allow the light to shine from within you, be the phoenix of fire, be reborn, and shake the ashes of the past. Stand up now and spread your wings of fire. Leap to your destiny, be one with yourself, and live with your Victory."

So says the Fire Chief.

About the author

Michael Annese wasn't always a battalion chief for a South Florida fire department. Originally from the Boston area, he spent years pursuing a career in the music industry before embarking on a career in the fire service. Through fierce determination and practicing the principles he has outlined in his book, Michael has created a successful career and fulfilling life. Michael is now paying it forward by sharing his personal life-tested techniques and experience in leadership within The Victory Cycle.

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