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Hastings & Hastings Offers Safe Driving Tips for Young Drivers

It marks a momentous occasion when a young man or woman sits behind the wheel of a car for the first time. They are taking a major step towards adulthood and independence. It is just a step though, a step down a very long road.

    PHOENIX, AZ, November 30, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It is also a momentous occasion for parents, as their children will soon be on the road, which can be a dangerous place for young adults. Hastings & Hastings offers these safe driving tips for young drivers. Hopefully they can help prepare both parents and children for life out on the road.

Before young drivers receive their driver's license, they should attend a safe-driving course. Inexperienced drivers do not have the years of instincts which experienced drivers possess. They need to learn safe habits, and defensive driving techniques. Safe driving course should offer both education on good driving habits as well as invaluable practical driving experience.

Parents need to properly educate their children on the extreme danger of using a cellphone while driving. Studies have shown that using a cellphone while driving is the equivalent of driving drunk. Young drivers may not be aware of the severity of the danger. Texting is especially dangerous, as it necessitates looking at the screen of a phone, and not at the road.

It is important for young drivers to minimize distractions of all kinds. They may be tempted to fiddle with the radio, or to eat or drink while driving. Young drivers need to be apply all of their attention to the road. They are less experienced at controlling a car. Even momentary distractions could have severe consequences.

There is nothing more distracting for a young driver that a young passenger. Hastings & Hastings encourages young drivers to drive solo or with an adult. Studies have shown that the addition of even a single teenage passenger can double the risk of a car accident. This risk escalates with each additional passenger.

The Department of Motor Vehicles encourage parents to choose safe cars when they are letting their young drivers hit the road. If they are purchasing a new car, they should check for the latest safety features and find a car with an excellent crash safety record.

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