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Zengo & Co - Is Entrepreneurship Being Misrepresented?

There is a growing feeling that the ability to start business ventures is something magical that happens overnight, and Chicago-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Zengo & Co believe this is absolutely not the case.

    CHICAGO, IL, December 23, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Zengo & Co want to dispel the myth to many people who perceive entrepreneurship to be straightforward, and state that it requires conviction, grit, resources, organization-building, management skills, timing, years of hard work and a bit of good fortune (Forbes, 2015).

The firm's vision is to bridge the gap between the product and the consumer with their professionally trained team, who come from a variety of different entrepreneurial and business backgrounds. Zengo & Co specialize in a personalized form of direct marketing that generates high quality leads, and delivers a high ROI for their clients.

About Zengo & Co:

The firm believes that once the bare metal of building any business has been exposed, the mechanics include the following: pitching for new business, fundraising, hiring, deciding a USP and creating a brand identity, attracting customers, establishing a company culture, and setting up a website - among others.

As is the way with most things in life, the Chicago-based firm believe that the best way to gauge performance in these business activities is to experience doing them first hand in a small-medium sized business - getting one's hands dirty so to speak. They agree wholeheartedly with the viewpoint that a lot of business acumen cannot be experienced from within the walls of a classroom - they're learned in the trenches of an operating business (Forbes, 2015).

It is not simply a coincidence that many of the world's most successful entrepreneurs started out this way, and Zengo & Co agrees with the statement that the U.S. needs more budding entrepreneurs. The firm agree with the notion that currently there aren't enough young people taking on the challenge of building their own businesses in different places at present - serial entrepreneurship in its purest form. This has been described as a significant challenge faced for the current U.S. business economy and indeed society as a whole (Forbes, 2015).

Zengo & Co has a history of supporting entrepreneurship and provides guidance for budding entrepreneurs looking to get into the fast-paced business world. The firm has an in-house training program that is aimed at those with good business judgment and an entrepreneurial spirit. They cross-train participants in all aspects of their business fundamentals and give them some crucial hands-on experience in a stress free environment.

Zengo & Co is a Chicago-based sales and marketing firm that create and implement engaging face-to-face marketing campaigns for a number of major US businesses. They specialize in this unique form of direct marketing, and give emphasis to the connection they can make between brands and consumers, stimulating increased levels of brand loyalty, customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Zengo & Co is a Chicago-based Direct Marketing firm that generates high quality leads, and delivers a high ROI to their clients.

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