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Eventit: Why Can't Businesses Hold onto Entrepreneurial Talent?

After recent claims that those with entrepreneurial tendencies make bad employees, sales and marketing firm Eventit are rising to the defence of entrepreneurial professionals, sharing why the issue lays with the businesses, not the talent.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, May 18, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In a string of recent articles and discussions it has been claimed that those with entrepreneurial tendencies make poor employees. Some believe that these individuals are renegades with a total disregard for the rules, making them incompatible with the corporate world. Others harbour concerns as to their commitment in the workplace, believing that the quality of their work will be far lower than that of their peers due to the perception that those with entrepreneurial tendencies are 'killing time' until they are presented with the opportunity to step out on their own.

About Eventit:

Sydney based sales and event marketing firm Eventit strongly disagree with these claims and believe that rather than entrepreneurs making bad employees, it is in fact businesses that are in the wrong as they do not know how to make the most of these individuals' unique skills. Through their own experiences working with ambitious young professionals the firm are convinced that when given the means to grow and exercise their skills entrepreneurs can be a business' biggest and most valuable asset.

Eventit believe problems arise most commonly when businesses try and micromanage those with entrepreneurial tendencies. Entrepreneurial types thrive on challenges and produce their best work when allowed to take on greater responsibility. Businesses that lack a clear strategy are unable to provide these opportunities and need to keep a tight rein on all activities to limit mistakes and entrepreneurs can quickly become bored when placed in this stifling environment. Then, there are companies that feel the need to instigate too many rules within their organisation and control their workforce by fear. Having too many rules slows down productivity and for entrepreneurs who like to execute their ideas quickly and get the most from their working day, this pace can cause a great deal of frustration.

A large number of organisations also lack progression opportunities for entrepreneur types, often overlooking these talented workers in favour of promoting those with greater experience. This usually forces entrepreneurial people out of an organisation, which in the long run can disrupt a business' productivity and innovation further down the line.

Eventit are eager to quash the belief that entrepreneurs make poor employees and are keen to see more businesses encouraging their workers entrepreneurial traits. The firm themselves work with many young, talented professionals and are constantly developing new opportunities to help them thrive in the workplace.

Based in Sydney Eventit is a fun and vibrant outsourced sales and marketing firm. Working on behalf of Australian brands the firm create and deliver engaging marketing campaigns direct to consumers in popular retail venues. Championing face to face communication the firm are able to build up lasting connections with consumers, which allows their clients to achieve a more positive market reputation and benefit from consistently high weekly sales revenue.

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