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KazuTime Uses Animated Puppies to Help Children Understand the Passing of Time

Interactive app motivates young children to perform tasks more efficiently within specific time frames.

"Before KazuTime, getting my daughter ready for school in the morning was very time consuming. Now, I can't believe how quickly and enthusiastically she runs through her routine!" said parent Jana G.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 14, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- KazuTime, an educational app designed to help younger children to learn and master the concept of time passing, announced its launch on iOS, Android and Amazon app stores. The app uses a playful approach and reward system to motivate kids to complete tasks in a timely manner. KazuTime is the first visual timer that helps children understand the passing of time while turning the completion of tasks into an entertaining game. When children beat the titular husky puppy Kazu to the "finish line," they are rewarded with points and shooting stars. The app utilizes multi-sensory cues so children not only see time passing on the screen, but also hear and feel it in an intuitive way. It is intended for children between three and eight years old.

KazuTime uses an innovative task function to motivate kids to complete tasks on time while accumulating rewards in the form of shooting stars. Children pick their very own puppy - Faby, Milly or Sammy - to run alongside Kazu and finish their activity, be it homework, music practice, getting ready for bed, or dressing for school in the morning.

"Before KazuTime, getting my daughter ready for school in the morning was very time consuming. Now, I can't believe how quickly and enthusiastically she runs through her routine!" said parent and KazuTime user Jana G. "While getting dressed, she watches Kazu slowly moving across the screen and when her mind wanders, KazuTime sounds and vibrations bring her back to the task at hand."

Until age 7, children don't really understand time durations, according to research from the University of California at San Diego. Unless children are forced to pay attention to it, time makes little sense to them and can cause anxiety. KazuTime allows children to better anticipate the end of a task, reducing worry associated with having to complete sometimes difficult tasks in a given timeframe. Recognizing the conclusion of an activity helps kids regulate their behavior and reduce negative reactions.

Created by professional educators and therapists seeking ways to increase the focus and concentration needed for optimum learning in children, KazuTime's distinctive "beginning," "time elapsing" and "end of task" features allow children to pace themselves and help gauge the time needed to perform a task.

"KazuTime has made parts of my job so much easier. Many of the kids I work with come from challenging backgrounds, so it's great to have a tool that not only teaches time but also builds confidence and independence," said early childhood specialist Katherine B.

KazuTime Key Product Features
- Easy to set timer
- Audio and vibration options - turn on/off audible and vibrate alerts
- Optional task mode - select a friend: Faby, Milly or Sammy
- Saved task and timer mode
- Upload option for customized task pictures and descriptions
- Reward board counts the number of shooting starts accumulated
- Select start color for the sky - it fades as time elapses
- Time display bar
- Multiple themes: Arctic landscape default, forest and beach available for purchase
- Awake mode: Keeps the device from entering sleep mode when the app is on

KazuTime is available for purchase in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad versions in the following languages: English, Spanish, French and German as of 7/13/2016. It is available on Android through Google Play and the Amazon App Store as of 7/14/2016. To learn more about KazuTime, please visit or follow @KazuTimeapp and like us on Facebook.

About KazuTime
KazuTime is produced by Broad Innovation Tek, Inc., which focuses on developing intelligent and intuitive mobile applications that relate to the fields of health, education and productivity as well as related products.

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