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The US Election And A Rapidly Aging World Population - Senior Issues Are Top Priority Says Cynthia Martindale, Author Of 'Graceful Last Chapters'

Martindale is the author of the ultimate guide to caregiving. She helps caregivers chart a clear path through caregiving challenges, options, and eventual heartbreak

    WILMINGTON, NC, September 08, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The presidential election is slightly more than two months away, and every day there's a steady flow of the candidates' news bites. We've heard a lot about a handful of topics -- terrorism, Hillary's emails, Trump's wall, immigration, the Clinton Foundation, Trump's tweets -- and they seem to repeat every day. One can almost hear the voters shouting, "Where's the beef?" Not only are the major candidates failing to address the traditional areas of concern thoroughly covered in past election years, but they're also completely ignoring new research on trends that will change the face of our global economy.

In May 2015, the McKinsey Global Institute released a book titled 'No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Global Forces Breaking All Trends.' Since the book's publication, writers have peppered business magazines and journals with articles addressing one or more of the four "global forces," and, like the book itself, each article calls for strong political leadership showing how our country can tame a new reality. The changes facing us are enormous:

- the rise of emerging markets
- the accelerating impact of technology on market competition
- the aging world population
- the accelerating flows of trade, capital, people, and data

Yet, our presidential candidates say nothing about recognizing and addressing forces that will change the world.

"All four of the forces McKinsey analyzes are fascinating and troubling, but it's our rapidly aging world population and what to do about it that speaks to my heart," Martindale stated. "Ken Dychtwald, founding CEO of Age Wave, looks at aging statistics and how the numbers will change our world as we know it ('Will the Aging of America be a Triumph or Tragedy?'). He finds five key issues requiring not "partisan" or "bipartisan" politics, but a "transpartisan" approach to solve the problems ahead.

- What is the new age of 'old?'
- The diseases of aging could be the financial and emotional sinkhole into which the 21st century falls
- Averting a new era of mass elder poverty
- Ending ageism
- (Finding) the new purpose of maturity

"Perhaps best of all, Dychtwald provides five or more questions per issue for the candidates to address, revealing their 'level and direction of thinking' on these issues. The questions could also reveal which newscasters or segments of the media are responsive to voter concerns. Although the aging world population is what hit home with me as a writer and Senior Care specialist, three other global forces are also gaining momentum, none of which is being addressed. Where's the news media in all of this? Isn't anyone on either candidate's team paying attention to proactive solutions for new problems in our future?

"It's challenging to imagine 'Graceful Last Chapters' for our loved ones or even for ourselves against the backdrop of our future as painted by the latest research. The next eight years is a critical time for our country to respond in creative and imaginative ways to secure a path toward a stable future."

Cynthia Martindale has written the ultimate guide to caregiving and senior issues. She is an expert in regards to end of life planning and issues that impact seniors.

Cynthia spent much of her career as a sales and marketing director for senior living communities. She is a seasoned veteran of all things senior-related. In 'Graceful Last Chapters', she shares her twenty years of experience with senior care in a voice filled with compassion, understanding, and an insider's point of view. As the primary caregiver for her parents in their declining years, as a sales and marketing director for senior living communities, and as a lawyer, Ms. Martindale brings readers a valuable resource about caring for aging loved ones. The book is filled with support and guidance for caregivers, clearly defined options for care, and the ways and means for readers to craft their own successful journey through caregiving challenges and heartbreak. Ms. Martindale offers readers fundamental knowledge, hope, a sense of identity and, ultimately, a path toward peace of mind.

Martindale combines her education, business expertise, and personal experiences to bring readers a valuable resource about caring for aging loved ones. The book's twenty-seven chapters are grouped into seven sections: (One) Considering Long-Term Care Options; (Two) Caregiving Challenges; (Three) Creating a Plan; (Four) Aging in Place With Additional Care; (Five) Senior Living Communities; (Six) Touring Senior Communities; and (Seven) After the Bloom Fades. The chapters build gradually to mimic the progression of the journey caregivers take with their senior loved one, whether that individual is their mother, father, aunt, uncle, sibling, spouse, friend, or neighbor.

'Graceful Last Chapters' has achieved a perfect 5 star rating on Amazon. One reviewer stated, "It is rare to encounter such an obviously experienced counselor in the field of Senior Care as Cynthia who demonstrates on every page of this impressive and ultimately authoritarian guide such tenderness, calm and candor." Another said, "This book captures not only the practical information on choices for seniors but it deals with the tougher emotional side of caring for loved ones as they age."

Cynthia Martindale is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. 'Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care' is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. More information is available at

Cynthia Neher Martindale holds degrees from Hillsdale College (B.A. in English), Northern Illinois University (M.A. in English), and Valparaiso University School of Law (J.D.). Graceful Last Chapters: Helping Seniors Who Need More Care is the result of her years as both a sales and marketing director for senior living communities and as the primary caregiver for her parents. She lives in Flossmoor, Illinois, with her husband and son.

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